Best Social Media Campaign and How It Works

Not sure how to launch a social media marketing strategy for your company? So, there, we’ll give you a head start.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite social media campaign types that you can easily incorporate into your social marketing plan, such as surveys, joint ventures, events, freebies, and charitable contributions. Find out what’s ideal for your brand by reading on!

There are countless possibilities when it comes to social media campaigns for brands. Since social media is not always clear-cut in terms of right or wrong, it can be difficult to determine which social media campaign is best for your brand. Read Administrative Officer Job Description.

Test a range of campaigns to see which ones are most effective for your brand and your audience. One of the best things about social media is that you can simply try again the next week with a completely different strategy if your campaign is a complete failure.

Types of Social Media Campaigns


Polls are a fantastic way to both boost page engagement and learn important information about your current audience.

You can utilize polls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Posts, albeit each platform will require a different implementation of the poll.

How to Use Polls for Your Social Campaign

A poll campaign can be included in your social media marketing plan in a plethora of various methods and for a variety of factors. When launching a new product or to learn more about the kinds of content your clients are interested in, we adore including polls.

They provide your audience with an unbiased approach to offer feedback and are fantastic for conducting customer research. Engagement-focused polls are the way to go if you’re not ready to use polls on your social media platforms seriously.

These surveys could consist of straightforward inquiries about the time of year or the interests of your audience. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do you prefer dogs or cats?
  • Which meal of the day is the best?
  • Do you prefer the morning or the evening?
  • Which product is your favorite?
  • For our upcoming sale, should we provide free shipping or a 20% discount?


On social media, partnerships are a terrific method to reach a wider, more relevant audience. Your brand’s social media reach, following size, and engagements might soar if you choose good relationships.

You should think about your social profile, the platforms your audience spends the most time on, and the companies that best complement your own when choosing a partnership.

You must choose whether to establish a collaboration with an influencer agency, Facebook Groups, or another business once you have narrowed down your target audience.

People you can partner with

  • Partnerships with Influencers
  • Partnerships with Brand Ambassadors
  • Partnerships with Facebook Groups
  • Partnerships with Other Brands


Events are generally not the first marketing approach that comes to mind when planning a social media marketing campaign for a brand.

This is so that friends can gather and be reminded of a party or other social event, which has historically been the purpose of events for people or small local businesses.

However, brands can use events to increase their social media presence and client interactions!

How to Promote Your Event

The first stage in organizing an event is to create it; the next is to attract attendees. We advise setting up your Facebook event page at least one month before the onset of your event.

Furthermore, just because Facebook is where your event will be held does not mean that Facebook is the only place you should advertise it.

Your Instagram narrative and Highlights are some of the finest locations to advertise your event, especially if you have over 10,000 followers and can include a link in your narrative.

A wonderful location to contribute real-time pictures and videos of your event will be in your tale and highlight! Your email newsletter is yet another essential venue for event promotion.

Customers from all over your email list might be interested in attending your event. It’s a fantastic location for raising brand recognition generally.

Simply establish a filter to solely foster the event to your local audience if you’re concerned that your event won’t attract your non-local newsletter subscribers!

Contests + Giveaways

Could it be argued that freebies and contests are the most popular social media campaigns? Brands adore employing social contests to increase page engagement and follower numbers…and we are not to blame!

Social contests can be one of the finest methods to increase your page’s total engagement rate and entice new prospective customers to your brand, provided you adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by the social platform for prizes.

Giving Back

A charity campaign would be a more original social media campaign aimed at millennials. Because the millennial audience is drawn to a product when they feel like they are doing something good, many firms are putting forth emotive stories or charitable angles (think Toms Shoes).

This can be an excellent one-time campaign to host on social media if your business structure was not initially set up with a giving-back aspect linked to it. Giving back/charitable perspectives can be incorporated into your social strategy in several ways.

Donation Per Share

Running a “Donation per Share” campaign on Facebook could work wonders for your viral marketing strategy! We advise making a video or attention-grabbing post that describes the usefulness of your content.

Select a charity or non-profit that is related to your line of business (for instance, if you sell pet supplies, choose a reputable rescue) and get in touch with them to let them know you want to run this kind of campaign.

You won’t likely encounter any resistance because you aren’t requesting anything from the nonprofit, and you might even find a new partner to assist you in marketing your giving-back initiative.

From here, you should make sure your caption is succinct and clear; tell your audience what you’ll do for each share in detail.

We advise that you decide on a donation amount per share that you can cap at a set number. Take care when doing this!

Pages with fewer than 10,000 followers have received more shares from similar campaigns than followers! It’s a fantastic method to help others and get in front of a big, viral audience.

Percentage of Proceeds

Giving a certain portion of your earnings to a particular nonprofit organization for a limited time would be a simpler campaign.

With the exception that the philanthropic messaging might encourage your audience to spend even more, you would advertise this deal the same way you would advertise your usual sales.

Running a vote to determine which charity you should donate the earnings to (see above!) is a terrific way to engage your audience with this kind of campaign.

They’ll be more likely to participate in this campaign as they can choose where their money is going!

Non-Profit Partnership

Partnering with a complementary non-profit over an extended period is another excellent method to include a charitable component in your social campaign.

Numerous mutually beneficial partnerships could exist. Perhaps you only mention the nonprofit sometimes in posts, create co-branded material, or support their events (which you could then use as the basis for a social media campaign!). You also need the non-profit to be committed to the partnership for this to be successful.

They must genuinely accept your brand and your campaign, as well as share your vision for your goods. Create a brief pitch deck to properly indicate how you can leverage your social following and client base to raise awareness for the charity you’d like to associate with if you don’t already know them personally.

It can increase the emotional investment your audience has in your brand and raise awareness of both the nonprofit organization and yourself.

So, What Kind of Social Campaign Should You Implement?

Our amazing recommendation is to choose the social media campaign that most excites you and start there. You don’t have to choose just one plan or campaign with social media, which is one of its best features!


Because social media changes so frequently, it’s a wonderful location to test what works for your brand before rolling out a new strategy. Consider your available resources, your target market, and what could help you get traction the quickest.

A social media campaign doesn’t need to last an entire year! A social media campaign is ready to go if you sit down, make a plan, and design a few posts. What was your most effective social media effort to date? Let us know in the comment section.

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