Blockchain Jobs in USA 2023/2024 | See the Job Vacancies

This article is for those who have developed themselves very well in Blockchain Technology and would like to take a job in the United States of America (USA).

Have you had work experience in blockchain before now? If your answer to this question is yes, you should know that this article is for you.

There are a lot of Blockchain Jobs in the USA for 2023. Interested and qualified individuals are to send their applications as soon as possible. See Engineering Jobs in Canada.

Blockchain developers are in high demand. According to a LinkedIn study, blockchain developers are one of the fastest growing and most-sought after technical skills in 2023. Blockchain developers are making 50-100% more than traditional developers.

For 2023, the consensus among experts is that as blockchain technology improves, it will play a greater role in society and the economy.

It is likely to be a transitional year where more people and businesses will move towards integrating Web3 technologies like blockchain to utilize their benefits. See Remote Jobs in Canada.

The value of its applications has become apparent in recent years as use cases such as supply chain management continue to emerge. These circumstances mean that the demand for blockchain developers is high

Which States in the US Support Blockchain?

The Bitcoin core sell feature is currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Top 15 Cities for Blockchain Jobs in America

  • New York: 1,316
  • San Francisco: 651
  • Boston: 211
  • Chicago: 148
  • Palo Alto: 132
  • Austin: 116
  • San Jose: 97
  • Atlanta: 82
  • Raleigh: 81
  • Los Angeles: 72
  • Seattle: 68
  • Denver: 65
  • Washington, D.C.: 56
  • Houston: 55
  • Charlotte: 50

Blockchain jobs in USA 2023

If you are a Blockchain developer, you can apply for any of the available job opportunities in the United States of America (USA):

  • Crypto brand manager at Cash App
  • Marketing specialist Blockchain at GENOS
  • Smart contract Researcher at Algorand
  • Product manager Blockchain at Jobot
  • VP Engineering, Blockchain at block devhub
  • Senior cloud infrastructure engineer Blockchain at Jobot
  • Tex Senior Manager, Blockchain at Deloitte
  • Senior Blockchain security Engineer at Coinbase
  • Remote Vp of Blockchain product at Cyber coders
  • Institutional research analyst at Coinbase
  • Technical program manager, Blockchain security at Coinbase
  • Senior cryptocurrency expert at Ledger
  • Software engineer II crypto/Blockchain at Microsoft
  • VP of product, Blockchain at One of
  • Smart contract developer at Wintermute

Blockchain Job Salary in the US

The average blockchain developer salary in the USA is $146,250 per year or $70.31 per hour. Entry level positions start at $125,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $182,680 per year.

Blockchain developer: salaries per region

Florida: $175,000

Georgia: $175,000

Utah: $160,000

Nevada: $160,000

New York: $160,000

Massachusetts: $151,125

Virginia: $148,500

Washington: $148,013

California: $146,250

North Carolina: $145,000

Colorado: $143,000

Texas: $140,000

Illinois: $130,000

Pennsylvania: $121,500

In conclusion, you will need to be highly skilled in computer programming. Also, you will also need to have strong mathematical skills.

Finally, it is also beneficial to have experience in economics and finance. Earning the relevant certification is also the key to a successful career in blockchain technology.

If you have any other questions about Blockchain Jobs in the USA, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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