JAMB Biology Questions and Answers 2024/2025 (CBT)

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JAMB 2024 Biology questions and answers. This article will provide JAMB Biology answers 2024 and show you how JAMB Biology questions are set.

JAMB Biology Questions and Answers

You will also see likely JAMB Biology questions and answers that will help you score high in the upcoming JAMB examination. If you applied for the JAMB registration form, read on.

From experience, I can clearly tell you that most JAMB Biology questions are JAMB repeated Biology questions from JAMB Biology past questions and answers.

That said, let’s quickly move to the 2024 JAMB questions and answers and how to answer them.

JAMB Biology Questions and Answers 2024

1. A frog is able to carry out cutaneous respiration because

A. The skin is rough and tough

B. The body is slim

C. The skin is moist, thin and vascularized

D. It has no gills


Explanation: Cutaneous respiration is possible in frogs because of their moist, thin and vascularized skin.

2. Which of the following combinations includes three structures all of which are found in plant cells but not in animal cells?

A. Cellulose cell wall, chloroplast, cell membrane

B. Chloroplast, cell membranes, sap vacuole

C. Cellulose cell wall, chloroplast, sap vacuole

D. Chloroplast, cell membrane, nucleus


Explanation: Cellulose cell wall, chloroplast and sap vacuole are found only in the plant cell.

3. _______________ is not a non-seed plant

A. Fern

B. Conifer

C. Cycad

D. None of the above


Explanation: Fern is a seed plant, conifer and cycads belong to gymnosperm

4. Which of these organisms does not exist as a single free living cell?

A. Paramecium

B. Volvox

C. Amoeba

D. Euglena


Explanation: Wait a minute, it looks as if students kept missing this question in exams. Volvox is a colonial organism with cells. Spirogyra is similar in having many cells arranged ends to ends and they are called filamentous organisms.

5. Cellulose and starch can be classified as one o the following

A. Hydrocarbons

B. Sugars

C. Carbohydrates

D. Alkaloids


6. A key similarly between nervous and hormonal system is that both

A. involve chemical transmission

B. have widespread effects

C. Shed chemicals into the blood stream

D. evoke rapid response to eliminate response


Explanation: Both involve chemical transmission. The majority of the nervous system involves electrical transmission. hormonal is purely chemical.

7. In aerobic respiration, oxidative phosphorylation takes place in

A. Cytopasm

B. Lysosome

C. Mitochondrion

D. Ribosomes


8. The significance of mitosis includes all of the following except

A. genetic stability

B. growth

C. cell replacement

D. degeneration


Explanation: Mitosis involves production of two daughter cells, genetic stability, growth and cell replacements, as well as asexual reproduction are the main significance of mitosis.

9. The one-seeded fruit in which the pericarp and seed coat have become fused together is known as

A. Achene

B. Samara

C. Caryopsis

D. Legume


10. A child with blood group different from those of both parents and with a mother of blood group OO, can only have a father of blood group

A. A

B. B




11. Which of the following help root hair cells to take up water

A. Xylem

B. Thick outer wall

C. Vacuole

D. Large surface area


Explanation: Xylem cells help root hair cells to take up water

12. Which of the following is the medium transportation of nutrients within unicellular organism?

A. Lymph

B. Plasma

C. Protoplasm

D. Serum


13. When testing a leaf for starch, why is it first placed in a boiling water?

A. To extract the chlorophyll

B. To remove colour from the leaf

C. To dissolve the starch

D. To stop chemical reactions


Explanation: It is an indisputable fact that when a leaf is placed in boiling water, protoplasm is killed and cell wall permeable. this is synonymous to the biochemical reactions in that cell being stopped.

14. Identical twins are produced under one of the following conditions

A. Two ova fertilized at the same time by the sperm

B. one ovum fertilized, divides to give two embryos

C. Ova fertilized by one sperm

D. one ovum fertilized by two sperms


Explanation: Single ovum fertilized and divides to give two embryos gives identical twins. Others will give non-identical living.

15. Which of the following tissues are made up of dead cells?

A. Palisade

B. Xylem vessels

C. Meristematic

D. Cambium


Explanation: Xylem contains dead cells meristematic cell and cambium are regions of active cell division

16. Workers in deep mines usually suffer from dehydration because

A. water is lost due to evaporation

B. water is lost due to defecation

C. water is lost in the form of sweat

D. water is lost along with salts in the form of sweat


17. Which of the following is not organ?

A. Leaf

B. Heart

C. Kidney

D. Bone


Explanation: Organ is define as aggregation of cells and tissue for the purpose of a particular function. As a result, leaf, heart, and kidney are organ while bone belongs to tissue since it is formed from the aggregation of similar cells known as osteoblastic cells. It is a tissue not an organ.

18. The condition known as cretinism is caused by the deficiency of

A. Vitamin A

B. Insulin

C. Thyroxin

D. Vitamin C


Explanation: Under-secretion of thyroxine in infants results in a condition of stunted growth, retarded brain function known as cretinism. Under secretion of thyroxine in adult results in condition of mental and physical sluggishness as well as reduced metabolic rate, obesity known as myxoedema.

19. The type blood circulation in an organism with haemocoel is

A. double

B. Dosed

C. Singles

D. Open


Explanation: In closed circulatory system, blood is in direct contact with body cells within a cavity called haemocoel example includes spiders, crustanceans, and other arthropods.

20. Lateral bud growth is inhibited by

A. Auxin

B. Gibberellins

C. Cytokinins

D. Ethylene


Explanation: Ethylene retards lateral bud development. However, auxins prevent lateral buds from growing by inducing the formation of ethane around them.

21. Study the list below and use it to answer questions 21 and 22. The vertebral column of mammals consists of the following; (I) Lumbar vertebrae (II) Thoracic vertebrae (III) Caudal Vertebrae (iv) Cervical vertebrae (V) Sacral vertebrae.

Which of the list above are found immediately next to the skull

A. I





22. Which of the list articulates with the pelvic girdle?

A. V





23. The young shoot of a plant is referred to as

A. Radical

B. Plumule

C. Branch

D. Bud


Explanation: Embryonic shoot is plumule,while the embryonic root is radical.

24. The pryrenoid in Spirogyra:

A. usually contain starch

B. is suspended by cytoplasmic strands

C. is mainly used for respiration

D. excrete waste product


Explanation: Pyrenoid contain starch. This can be confirm by iodine test.

25. How are savannah plants protected from bush fires? They

A. have sunken stomata

B. roll their leaves during hot days

C. have thick barks

D. always produce lowers


Explanation: Savanna plants withstand consistent bush burning by having thick barks and long resistant tap root.

26. One of the following is characteristic of animal cell wall

A. Possession of cellulose cell wall

B. Absence of large vacuoles

C. Presence of chloroplasts

D. Presence of chromosomes


Explanation: The absence of large vacuoles or none at all is a characteristic of animal cell.

27. A plant that lives on the surface of other plants without drawing nourishment or water from them is called

A. A parasite

B. A saprophyte

C. An epiphyte

D. A hermaphrodite


Explanation: Example of an epiphyte is fern.

28. Oysters and sea cucumbers respectively belong to

A. arthropoda and echinoderm

B. echinoderm and crustacean

C. coelenterata and echinodern

D. mollusca and echinoderm.


Explanation: Oysters are grouped under mollusca because they are shelled animals while sea cucumbers under echinodrem because they are have tough,spiny calcacereous skeleton and also because they are star-shaped.

28. Which of the following structures differentiates an animal cell from a plant cell?

A. Ribosomes

B. Cell membrane

C. Chloroplast

D. Mitochondrion


Explanation: Chloroplast is peculiar to plant cell alone.

29. A frog is able to carry out cutaneous respiration because

A. the skin is rough and tough

B. the body is slim

C. the skin is moist,thin and vascularized

D. It has no gills


Explanation: Cuteneous respiration is possible in frogs because of their moist,thin and vascularized skin.

30. A pair of genes expressed in a heterozygous individual is described as

A. Allele

B. Chromatid

C. Centromere

D. Dominant gene


Explanation: An allele is a pair of gene carrying contrasting character in an individual.

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