Recruitment Agencies in Vietnam for Foreigners 2024/2025

Are you thinking about relocating to the Southeast Asian nation to work and live? This article can help if you need advice on where to look for work in Vietnam.

Here discuss the working environment for foreigners in Vietnam as well as the foreign recruitment firms there. Read on!

With a population of 99 million, Vietnam is one of the most populated countries in the lower-middle income bracket and has a cheap cost of living. The GDP of Vietnam is thought to be 410 billion USD. See Recruitment Agencies in Venezuela for Foreigners and Citizens.

Vietnamese is the official tongue. Vietnam has a broad array of natural resources, but the most important ones include anthracite coal, lime, phosphates, iron ore, barite, chromium ore, tin, zinc, lead, and gold.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Vietnam 2024

Navigos Search

Navigos Search is a division of Navigos Group Vietnam, which was founded in 2003. It is the owner of three of the top brands in the Vietnamese recruiting industry: VietnamWorks (which has over 3.1 million monthly website views), Primus, and Navigos Search.

The Navigos headhunter team has a broad network in every sector. Every team is specialized in and in charge of managing a certain segment, such as information technology, apparel, manufacturing, or banking.

Michael Page

One of the top professional recruitment firms in the world, Michael Page focuses on bringing together some of the biggest organizations in the world with the greatest people from different markets. Michael Page has offices in both the United States and Vietnam.

Robert Walters Vietnam, Headhunting & Recruitment Agency

The top recruiting firm in Vietnam, Robert Walters, with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, focuses on the permanent placement of specialists in mid- to senior-level roles across a range of industries.

They are one of the biggest international recruiting consultants in Vietnam, and they work with blue-chip companies, multinational corporations, and local businesses to hire people in the fields of accounting and finance, supply chain, engineering, legal, HR, tech and digital, sales and marketing, and technical healthcare.

ManpowerGroup Vietnam

The largest international provider of staffing, outsourcing, and recruitment services in Vietnam is ManpowerGroup, which has been doing business there since 2008.

Since 2008, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) has granted its first license to a company with 100% foreign investment to offer outsourcing, staffing, and recruitment services.

JAC Recruitment Vietnam

As a top provider of employment in Vietnam, JAC Recruitment Vietnam is a top recruiting agency. All industries should hire multilingual employees.

How to find a Recruitment agency in Vietnam

You can easily search the internet to discover a recruitment agency in Vietnam, but you must exercise extreme caution to avoid falling into con artists acting as recruiters.

In this article, we’ll list a few reliable recruitment agencies you can use. The following procedures must be taken while working with a recruiter.

Try to be as detailed as possible when describing the kind of role you are looking for. You should anticipate being asked about your desired organization, your ability to travel for work, and your expected income.

Make sure your resume is current and in good condition. You’ll save time by doing this. According to the needs of the clients, the recruiter will provide you with advice on how to strengthen your resume.

You must participate actively in the entire procedure. To land a job as soon as feasible, stay in touch with the recruiter frequently.

How to get a job in Vietnam as a foreigner.

A work visa and/or a work permit are required for employment in Vietnam. Obtaining a tourist or business visa in its place is the simplest way to enter Vietnam without a work visa. With a tourist or business visa, you can visit Vietnam in search of employment.

Once you secure employment, your employer will sponsor you for a work visa for Vietnam. You should be aware that there is a significant difference in this situation.

Applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival at a visa center in Vietnam is the simplest way to obtain a tourist or business visa for the country. Many vacationers and business travelers visiting Vietnam favor using this method of application.

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