Shopping Stores in Belarus 2023 | Best Online Shopping Stores in Belarus

Are you in the country of Belarus? Maybe you just relocated to the country and you might be looking for any available Shopping Stores in Belarus. If this is true, do well to read this article carefully to the end. In this article, I will show you the Best Shopping Stores in Belarus 2023.

What to bring from Belarus? Why is shopping in this country cheap and convenient? What Belarusian brands are famous in the world?

People come to Belarus to see unique architectural sites, learn about the authentic Belarusian culture, enjoy nature, spend some time in health resorts, and see top sports competitions. Besides, the Belarusian holidays can include a good shopping program. See Shopping Stores in Uk.

Shopping in Belarus means:

  • high-quality Belarusian brands (clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics)
  • unique souvenirs
  • delicious, natural products and beverages
  • world’s brands and latest designer items
  • reasonable prices
  • holiday sales, discounts, discount programs
  • good service

Belarus has shopping facilities of all kinds that will satisfy everyone’s tastes: large outlets and shopping malls, chain stores of the leading Belarusian enterprises, boutiques, hypermarkets, markets of food and consumer goods, and fairs (including international ones).

Top 10 Shopping Stores in Belarus 2023

The following are the top 10 recognized shopping stores in Belarus for 2023

1. Studio M-Art

2. Minskiy Komarovskiy Market

3. Farba Gallery

4. Zamok Mall

5. Stolitsa Underground Mall

6. Dana Mall

7. Galileo Mall

8. Galleria Minsk

9. Galleria Minsk

10. Shopping Center OldCity

Benefits of Shopping in Belarus

The benefits of shopping in Belarus are shown in the following section. Belarusian shops offer discounts and other bonus programs:

  • Christmas and New Year sales
  • holiday sales around Women’s Day (8 March), Defenders’ Day (23 February), St. Valentine’s Day, Easter
  • fairs ahead of a new school year
  • fashion events: Belarusian Flax, Belarusian Knit-Wear, Meet Summer in Belarusian Style, etc.
  • nights of total sales, and many others.

Besides, large shopping centers and networks of chain stores regularly conduct discount programs.

Several stores in different Belarusian cities participate in international programs (the AUTOHELP system):

  • Minsk City Guest Card
  • Republic of Belarus Guest Card

Most of the Belarusian stores are open from 9.00-10.00 till 20.00-21.00, and large malls till 22.00. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are open from 8.00-9.00 till 23.00-24.00.

How to pay at Belarusian Stores

In Belarus, you can pay for the purchases in cash with Belarusian rubles. In shopping centers, there are currency exchange booths and cash machines.

Credit cards from international payment systems are also accepted. See Online Shopping Outlets.

How to Use Tax Free System for Shopping in Belarus

In 2013 Belarus started introducing the Tax Free system that helps foreign nationals get back the VAT on the purchases made in Belarus.

Any foreigner (who lives outside the Eurasian Economic Union) can use the Tax Free service. If you live inside the Eurasian Economic Union, you will not be able to use the Tax Free service.

At present the customs union of the Eurasian Economic Union includes Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. Over 400 shops are connected to the Tax-Free system in Belarus. Buyers get 12.5% of their money back.

To use the Tax Free system, a person should:

  • buy goods worth at least Br80 in one Belarusian shop, operating the tax free system, within one day;
  • get three copies of the Tax Free receipt from the shop (you need a passport or an equivalent document). Take the first Tax Free receipt and a second copy for the customs service and a special prepaid envelope;
  • produce the receipts at the border checkpoint as you leave the country in order to get a customs seal. The purchased goods must be unused and in undamaged packaging at the time;
  • use your Tax Free receipt and fill in the field describing your preferred way of getting your money back (bank card information, signature), put the receipt into the envelope, and drop it into a mailbox at the border checkpoint or send it by mail from another country within six months after exporting the goods;
  • money will be wired to your bank card within 30 days after your letter is received.

Foreign nationals leaving Belarus can get the Tax Free cash refund at 27 Belarusbank offices.

VAT will not be returned if:

  • the goods in Belarus are exempt from VAT or subject to reduced VAT rates (food products);
  • the goods are excisable.

Cheap shopping in Belarus

Belarus offers a variety of shopping options for those on a budget. Here are some suggestions for cheap shopping in Belarus:

1. Komarovka Market:

This is one of the oldest and most famous markets in Minsk. It offers a wide range of products including fresh produce, clothes, shoes, accessories, and household items. The prices are generally affordable and bargaining is common.

2. GUM department store:

Located in the heart of Minsk, GUM is a large department store that offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices. It has several floors, each with different departments ranging from clothes and shoes to electronics and household items.

3. Yarmarka shopping center:

This is a large shopping center located in Minsk that offers a range of products including clothes, shoes, accessories, and electronics at reasonable prices. It also has a food court with a variety of dining options.

4. Outlet Village Minsk:

This is an outdoor shopping complex located outside of Minsk that offers discounted prices on a range of high-end fashion brands. It also has a range of dining and entertainment options.

5. Second-hand stores:

Belarus has a growing second-hand market, with several stores offering affordable, gently-used clothing and household items. Some popular stores include Soshka, Stilnyashka, and Hlebny Dom.

These are just a few examples of places to find cheap shopping in Belarus. Remember to always compare prices and bargain to get the best deals.

I hope you have found this article useful. In case of any other questions about Shopping Stores in Belarus 2023, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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