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Are you interested in getting online jobs in Australia? The information that I am about to share with you in this article will guide you on what you are expected to do in order to arrive at your expectations.

Getting an online job is the easiest way one can secure employment opportunities in the Australian labour market if you bordered about work permit, visa, and other costs of relocation to the country.

Every year, Australian employers look out for suitably qualified individuals with essential skills that would match up with the needs of their companies. See Insurance Jobs in Australia.

The internet has made everything possible so that anyone who meets their employment requirements will be contacted and offered the job, regardless of the candidate’s location.

I know you would be glad to take advantage of this opportunity, but the major question is “Do you have any employable soft skills?” If your response to this question is positive, it means that you can be employed for online jobs in Australia.

Skills Required For Online Jobs in Australia

For you to be employed by Australian employers, you must possess at least a special skill that will satisfy their labour needs. Some of the necessary skills that you would require for the online jobs are as follow:

1. Typing Skills

2. Organization Skills

3. Written and Verbal Communication Skills

4. Time-Consciousness

5. Self-Sufficiency

6. Technical Skills

7. Collaborative Problem-Solving

8. Flexibility and Adaptability

9. Empathy

10. Proactivity

How to find Online Job in Australia

Getting online jobs in Australia is as easy as it may have been described, though you have all the necessary requirements. Check Healthcare Jobs in Australia

Remember that you are not the only applicant that is in need of the job, so you need to master the techniques for getting your desired job. Some of the tips on getting online jobs in Australia are:

  • Research your market. Some roles and skills are in high demand in Australia, and others are less so.
  • Sort out your visa.
  • Speak the lingo and learn about the culture.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter.
  • Know your technology.
  • Be prepared to take a step back.
  • Understand how to apply.

Available Online Jobs in Australia

The following are some online job vacancies in Australia for 2023:

1. Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Customer service representatives work from home, often answering phone calls and emails. They answer questions, facilitate returns and exchanges, and help customers have a positive experience.

When they do their jobs well, they ensure the company maintains a good reputation and fosters customer loyalty. 

Expected Salary: $61,614 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Bankwest
  • Destinee Travel
  • Shopify

2. Online Sales Representative

Job Description: Online sales representatives work with various companies to help them make sales over the phone or, in some cases, via email, chat, and other remote methods.

Online sales representatives can get a lot done from their houses without meeting clients in person and help to boost the company’s bottom line.

Expected Salary: $66,581 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Michelle Somer – It’s Time
  • Flow to Abundance
  • Datastax
  • Instructure

3. Virtual Assistant

Job Description: Virtual assistants help clients stay organized and run their businesses more smoothly. They respond to phone calls and emails, schedule appointments, manage documents, and more.

Many virtual assistants have several clients that they work with at once, but some also partner exclusively with one professional at a time.

Expected Salary: $49,687 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Bottomless
  • BidPixel
  • Empire Virtual Support

4. Data Entry Specialist

Job Description: There are lots of data entry jobs online that future work-from-home employees in Australia should consider.

Data entry specialists are responsible for transferring data from one document to another to help companies stay organized and make it easier for professionals to access relevant information.

Expected Salary: $57,810 per year

Companies Hiring

  • TowardJobs
  • Home of Nickels
  • Vicembo

5. Freelance Writer

Job Description: Freelance writers work with a variety of businesses to help them write and edit documents.

This includes blog posts and copies for their websites, eBook and guides, email marketing content, and more. Freelance writers often juggle many clients, but they may also exclusively work for one company.

Expected Salary: $64,743 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Brafton
  • Hogarth Worldwide
  • Future Prospects

6. Bookkeeper

Job Description: Bookkeepers work with various businesses to help them manage their finances. They keep track of transactions and incoming funds, and they also help with tax preparation, payroll, and more.

Some bookkeepers work on a freelance basis and have many clients, whereas others work for one specific company at a time.

Expected Salary: $61,986 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Debutify Inc.
  • Fullstack Advisory
  • Clark Miller

7. Social Media Manager

Job Description: Social media managers help businesses maintain a strong social media presence. They help with social media content creation, caption writing, analytics analysis, and more. They may work on a freelance basis or for one company exclusively.

Expected Salary: $92,279 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Sistaco
  • Brafton Inc.
  • Stopgap

8. Translator

Job Description: Translators are responsible for translating information from one language to another. Some of these professionals translate speeches and conversations in person or through audio files, and others translate written documents. Translators can work on a freelance basis or for one business exclusively.

Expected Salary: $82,934 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Absolute Translations
  • TransPerfect
  • Memsource

9. Transcriptionist

Job Description: Transcriptionists take information from audio files (including phone calls, video recordings, podcast recordings, and more) and type it into written documents.

They must be very skilled typists who are able to transcribe information exactly as it’s verbalized so that the written document is as exact as possible. 

Expected Salary: $53,000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Bookiwi Transcription Services
  • Auscript
  • Hubstaff

10. Online Tutor

Job Description: Online tutors work with students to help them improve their grades, understand assignments, and progress in school.

They often specialize in a specific subject and, when they work remotely, are able to assist students from all over the world.

Expected Salary: $58,500 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Dymocks Educations
  • Alchemy Tuition

11. Software Developer

Job Description: Software developers are responsible for writing and editing code to create various software platforms and products.

They have a high level of technical literacy and work with clients to help them turn their vision into a reality.

Expected Salary: $100,000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Cognitive
  • Kasada
  • FrankieOne

12. Graphic Designer

Job Description: Graphic designers work with clients to create all kinds of imagery for their businesses. This includes logos, website graphics, social media infographics, and more. Many graphic designers work on a freelance basis, but some also work exclusively with one company.

Expected Salary: $55,264 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Apvi Administries
  • Inspectorio
  • RSPCA Australia

13. Database Administrator

Job Description: Database administrators use special types of software to store and organize companies’ data. They help with planning, configuration, database design, installation migration, troubleshooting, data backup, data recovery, and more.

Expected Salary: $72,123 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Pythian
  • Hays Technology
  • Datacom

14. Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Description: Digital marketing specialists help companies handle all aspects of their online marketing strategy. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and more.

Expected Salary: $81,910 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Sistaco
  • Roland Corporation Australia

15. Recruitment Consultant

Job Description: Recruitment consultants work with various businesses to help them streamline and simplify their recruitment efforts. They help with advertising available jobs, scouting candidates, setting up interviews, and more.

Expected Salary: $70,000 per year

  • Companies Hiring
  • Darumatic Cloud Native
  • EJE Thompson Enterprises
  • Crimson Education

16. Ecommerce Manager

Job Description: E-commerce managers work with e-commerce companies to help them manage online sales. They oversee various aspects of the business’s online store to provide customers with a simple, seamless shopping experience.

Expected Salary: $91,115 per year

  • Companies Hiring
  • Pearson
  • Green Collar
  • Just Digital People

17. Human Resources Administrator

Job Description: Human resources administrators help businesses handle a variety of HR-related tasks. This includes hiring, onboarding, and personnel management.  

Expected Salary: $114,275 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Virtually Human
  • 2nuBeginnings
  • Gao Tek

18. Online Therapist

Job Description: These days, lots of therapists are running their practices remotely. They meet with clients via video chat or phone call and help them to address problems and improve their mental health while working from home.

Expected Salary: $89,996 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Grow to Wealth
  • Foresight Mental Health
  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

19. Online Coach

Job Description: Online coaches work with clients and help them improve various aspects of their lives. For example, health coaches partner with clients and support them as they work toward their health and fitness goals, and business coaches help clients achieve their unique business goals.

Expected Salary: $78,779 per year

Companies Hiring

  • SAP
  • HCF
  • ANZ Banking Group
  • Eucalyptus

20. Account Executive

Job Description: Account executives help businesses to maintain positive relationships with their clients. They often work in the marketing and advertising industries, as well as finance and public relations. 

Expected Salary: $85,500 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Houzz
  • SmartRecruiters Inc.
  • Vista

Now that you have seen some of the ongoing online job opportunities in Australia, you can proceed with the application if you know you possess the necessary requirements.

In case of any other inquiries about online jobs in Australia, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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