Part-time Jobs in Australia 2023 | See Available Vacancies

If you already have a job that you are doing currently and you are in need of extra jobs to support your income in Australia, the best approach to apply in order to ensure that you do not lag behind in any of the jobs is to find a part-time job.

Getting a part time job in Australia will give you more time for jobs and your personal activity as your schedule is more spread than when you are employed for a full-time job.

As an international student, you can always start by looking at scholarships and grants. But they are not as easy to get. See Online Jobs In Australia.

However, a part-time job is easy to find, especially in Australia. Not only that, but the Australian student visa will allow you to work for 20 hours a week.

Available Part-Time Jobs in Australia

The following are some of the currently available part time job opportunities in Australia:

1. Tutor

Job Description: Tutors work with students (often those who are younger than them) who need help mastering specific subjects or sharpening a particular set of skills.

They provide extra guidance, review homework assignments, and ensure they feel confident and competent. Part-timing as a tutor is a great way to earn high wages while also juggling a full school schedule or another job.  

Average Wages: AU$20 to AU$30 per hour

Top Companies Hiring: 

  • Maxx Academy
  • People2people
  • Brave New Learning
  • Brighter Learning Tuition

2. Rideshare Driver

Job Description: A part-time job as a rideshare driver is a great way to earn more money on your own schedule.

Rideshare drivers set their own hours and can work as much or as little as they want, which makes this an excellent job for those who already have another job or who are also in school. 

Average Wages: AU$33.15 per hour

Top Companies Hiring: 

  • Rideshare Rentals Australia
  • Uber
  • Lyft

3. Waiter/Waitress

Job Description: If you’re looking for a part-time job with high pay, a job as a waiter or waitress is a great choice. As we mentioned above, food service jobs are in high demand right now, and there are lots of openings for waiters and waitresses at restaurants of all kinds (from casual to fine dining).

Waiter and waitressing jobs come with flexible schedules, and you can also earn a lot of money in tips, especially when you work in the evenings or on the weekends.

Average Wages: AU$20 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Beach Time
  • San Remo Ballroom
  • Oporto Waterloo
  • Marriott International

4. Administrative Assistant

Job Description: A job as a part-time administrative assistant is a good fit for those who are highly organized, have impressive people skills, and want to play a key role in keeping businesses running smoothly.

Whether you work as an administrative assistant at a doctor’s office or a major corporation, there are lots of opportunities to earn a high wage and still enjoy a flexible schedule.

Average Wages: AU$34.68 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Tower & London
  • Avenues Early Learning Centre Norman Park
  • Hotel Kith
  • Creating Abundance

5. Personal Trainer

Job Description: Personal trainers work with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals, from losing weight to gaining muscle. A part-time job as a personal trainer is a good choice for those who are passionate about fitness and want to work flexible hours.

As a bonus, personal trainers often work early in the morning and later in the evening, so there’s plenty of time to go to school or do another job during the day.

Average Wages: AU$35.31 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Integrated Living
  • Hart Enterprises Australasia

6. Nanny/Babysitter

Job Description: Nannies and babysitters work with younger children. They handle a variety of tasks, from providing transportation and preparing meals to helping with homework and doing light housekeeping.

A job as a nanny or babysitter is great for those who want to work part-time and love caring for children. This kind of job can easily fit in with another part-time job or busy school schedule, too.  

Average Wages: AU$30 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Little Lovelies Nanny Agency
  • Great Au Pair
  • Dream Nannies

7. Food Delivery Person

Job Description: A position as a food delivery person is a great part-time job with good pay. These kinds of jobs provide you with a great deal of independence and alone time, they come with flexible schedules, and they also pay a high hourly wage.

If you want to work in the food service industry but aren’t particularly eager to be a waiter or prep cook, working as a food delivery person could be a better fit for you.

Average Wages: AU$27.56 per hour

Top Companies Hiring: 

  • West Sydney Pizza and Pasta
  • Dom & Co PIzzeria
  • MenuLog

8. Cleaner

Job Description: Cleaners work in homes and office buildings to ensure everything is neat and sanitized at the end of the day. These positions often require you to come in and work in the early morning, in the evenings, and overnight.

Because of this, it’s easy to fit a part-time job as a cleaner into a busy schedule, whether you’re a student or someone who already has another part-time or full-time job.

Average Wages: AU$27.48 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Kwiklee Group
  • Sunshine Cleaning Co
  • Cheryl’s Quality Cleaning

9. Freelance Writer

Job Description: Freelance writers set their own schedules and create high-quality written materials for a variety of businesses. They write blog posts, website copy, guides, ebooks, email marketing copy, and more.

This is a great job for students, full-time workers, and those who want to work from home rather than commuting to and from a business every day.

Not only does it provide a lot of flexibility, but it also offers a higher-than-average hourly wage (especially after you’ve been writing for a while and have built up a solid clientele).

Average Wages: AU$42.94 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Grey New
  • Mindset Health
  • CopyPress

10. Freelance Graphic Designer

Job Description: Freelance graphic designers also set their own schedules and do graphic design work from home for a variety of businesses. They create logos, design graphics for websites, design infographics, and more.

Like freelance writing jobs, part-time freelance graphic design jobs are excellent for students and those who need a high level of flexibility in their schedules. These jobs also provide higher-than-average hourly wages, too.

Average Wages: AU$42.76 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Olly’s Box
  • The Creative Store Australia
  • Moto Economista

11. Freelance Web Developer

Job Description: Freelance web developers write code and create websites for businesses, individual entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone else who’s looking to build an online presence.

Working as a freelance web developer is a great part-time job with good pay for students, particularly those who want to one day have a full-time career in the information and technology industry. See Catering Jobs in Australia.

A part-time job as a freelance web developer helps them to gain experience and decide whether or not this is the right job for them.

Average Wages: AU$46.68 per hour

Top Companies Hiring: 

  • TELUS International
  • Paxus Australia
  • Urban Angles

12. Travel Agent

Job Description: Travel agents work with tourists to help them plan the perfect vacation. They work with those who are travelling to Australia from other parts of the world, as well as those who are leaving Australia to go to other places.

A part-time job as a travel agent provides a high wage and gives you the satisfaction of helping people plan and take exciting trips and make the most out of their time off.  

Average Wages: AU$27.56 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Flight Centre Australia
  • First Capital Realty
  • RAA

13. Bartender

Job Description: A job as a bartender is a good option for those who want to work in a social environment and earn great wages (especially on the weekends).

This is one of the highest-demand jobs in the food and beverage industry right now, so there are tons of job openings in Australia and throughout the world. It’ll be easy for you to get hired and find a bartending job that works well with your current schedule.

Average Wages: AU$26.69 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • ASH
  • Chuckle Park
  • Marriott International
  • IHG

14. Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Customer service representatives answer phones, emails, and work with customers in person to handle returns and exchanges, answer questions, and address complaints in a prompt and professional manner.

Customer service positions are high-demand part-time jobs in Australia right now, so it’s easy for you to find a job that aligns with your schedule and helps you earn a high hourly wage.

Average Wages: AU$30.50 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • BP Retail
  • CBRE
  • Reo Group

15. Personal Banking Advisor

Job Description: Personal banking advisors work in banks and ensure that all customers have a positive experience. They point patrons in the right direction, answer questions related to their accounts, and build strong relationships with every customer who comes through the bank’s doors.

A job as a personal banking advisor is a good fit for those who want to work in the financial industry, particularly those who are looking for a position with a flexible schedule.

Average Wages: AU$32.23 per hour

Top Companies Hiring:

  • Westpac Consumer and Business Bank
  • ANZ Banking Group
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • National Australia Bank

Working 30 hours or less per week is typically considered part-time. However, part-time workers might work more or fewer hours than this per week overall. You can apply for any of the above listed opportunities.

In case you have other questions about part-time jobs in Australia, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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