Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners in Egypt 2023/2024

Are you a foreigner who is thinking about moving to Egypt but is concerned about your employment prospects? You need to look no further than hiring a  recruitment agency. It will be simpler for you to locate your dream job in Egypt because of these organizations’ expertise in guiding job seekers through the local job market.

We’ll be concentrating on foreign recruitment agencies in Egypt in this post to assist you in getting the job you want. Let’s take the bull by the horns, shall we?

Recruitment agencies provide international job seekers with a variety of advantages, such as access to unique work prospects, professional advice on the job market, and a customized method of job matching. See Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners in Dominican Republic

They have a thorough awareness of the regional labor market and can offer insightful information on the professions and fields that are in most demand, as well as the specifics of the Egyptian workplace’s cultural quirks.

You can reduce the time and effort you put into your job search while raising your chances of success by partnering with a recruitment firm. Your talents, experience, and career aspirations can be matched with the greatest prospects through the agency’s job matching services.

Additionally, the agency can provide ongoing assistance once you’ve found employment to guarantee a seamless transition to working life in Egypt.

How to utilize a recruitment service in Egypt to obtain employment

Depending on the particular agency and the job seeker’s credentials and experience, the procedure for getting a job through an Egyptian recruitment agency may differ.

The following are some common procedures a job seeker might anticipate when dealing with a recruitment firm. See Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners in Czech Republic.

Initial consultation

The job candidate would normally have an initial meeting with the recruitment firm to go over their qualifications, work history, and professional objectives. Azerbaijan’s employment practices and job openings may also be disclosed by the agency.

Review of the applicant’s résumé and any other application materials

To assess if the applicant is a suitable fit for any open positions, the agency will examine the applicant’s resume and any other application materials.

Interview Preparation

If the organization decides that the job applicant is a suitable fit for a position, they could offer advice and help in getting ready for interviews with possible employers.

Employer interview

The hiring company will schedule a meeting between the job applicant and the prospective employer. Depending on the situation, this could happen in person or online.

Job offer and contract negotiations

If the company chooses to hire the job applicant, the recruiting agency may help in negotiating the specifics of the employment contract, such as the details of the wage, benefits, and other terms and conditions.

Help in obtaining visas and work permits

If the job applicant is a foreign worker, the recruitment firm may offer aid in securing the visas and work permits required to legally work in Egypt.

Top Foreign Employment Agencies in Egypt in 2023/2024

The following list of the best employment agencies in Egypt for foreigners in 2023–2024 is:


One well-known recruitment firm that focuses on placing experts in the Middle East, particularly Egypt, is GulfTalent. They collaborate with businesses from a variety of industries and have a database of more than 8 million people.


Wazayef is an online job board that links Egyptian employers and job seekers. Their website is accessible in both English and Arabic, and they offer a special section just for job seekers from abroad.

Hays Egypt

Hays Egypt is a subsidiary of a multinational staffing firm that focuses on professional and executive-level positions in a variety of industries. They collaborate with both domestic and foreign businesses and have a significant presence in Egypt.

Beshay Steel

In Egypt, the steel and construction industries are the focus of Beshay Steel, a recruitment firm. They provide a variety of career possibilities in this industry and work with both local and foreign individuals.

Michael Page Egypt

Michael Page is a global recruitment agency with a strong presence in Egypt. They specialize in placing mid to senior-level professionals across a range of industries, including finance, marketing, and engineering.

Michael Page Egypt

Michael Page is a multinational staffing firm that has a substantial presence in Egypt. They specialize in placing mid-level to senior-level experts in a variety of sectors, including finance, marketing, and engineering.

Manpower Egypt

Manpower is a reputable employment agency with a significant presence in Egypt. They provide employment prospects in a range of fields, including engineering, information technology, and healthcare.

Adecco Egypt

Adecco is an international employment agency with a significant local presence in Egypt. They provide a range of employment options in a number of different sectors, including banking, hotel, and retail.


It’s significant to remember that not all recruiting firms in Egypt offer the same quality of service, so it is advised that job searchers conduct their own research and due diligence to select a respectable agency that can help with their job hunt.

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