Recruitment Agencies in Albania for Foreigners and Citizens 2023/2024

Do you need a list of all Albanian job companies that hire both foreigners and locals? Do you need to know how to send a CV to a potential employer? Or maybe you’re attempting to determine how much to pay a hiring company. If so, you are in the ideal location as we will address these topics there.

Albania, a country in the Balkans bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, has a varied economy that includes the industrial, tourism, healthcare, and agricultural sectors.

The competitive nature of the labor market, however, may make it difficult for job searchers to find acceptable employment. See Recruitment Agencies in Afghanistan for Foreigners and Citizens.

By connecting job seekers with employers and providing sage career advice, recruitment agencies may close this gap. In Albania, there are now more employment agencies that cater to both foreigners and locals.

These groups, which concentrate on various industries, can help job seekers understand the labor market, find positions that match their talents, and get support throughout the hiring process.

Whether you are a local looking for a new position or an immigrant attempting to settle in Albania, recruitment firms can be a beneficial resource in your job search.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Albania for foreigners and citizens

See the list of employment agencies in Albania for both foreigners and locals.

  • Selos Agency Albania
  • Albania Recruitment Solutions & Consulting
  • The Headhunter
  • Elite Jobs International
  • Albanian HR Solutions sh.p.k
  • Adecco Albania
  • Manpower Albania
  • Randstad Albania
  • Adecco Staffing
  • Adecco Consulting
  • KPMG Albania
  • Deloitte Albania
  • PwC Albania
  • EY Albania
  • Deloitte Consulting Albania.
  • Talento Albania
  • Job Albania
  • Euro Staff Albania
  • Workforce Albania.

Selos Agency Albania

Selos Agency Albania serves as a liaison between the applicant and the company. They offer their best to their clients.

Albania Recruiting Solutions & Consulting

This specific recruiting firm was founded in 2016 and has since partnered and collaborated with some of the most successful businesses in Albania to offer professional recruitment services.

As a result of their current operations in Albania, Europe, the Middle East, and the cruise line sector, they are a reliable, capable, and trustworthy business for anyone trying to achieve their growth objectives.

The Headhunter

The HeadHunter Group, a cutting-edge employment and recruiting firm, principally services Southeast Europe.

This recruitment agency aids job seekers from all around the world in identifying their preferred employers and pinpointing those that provide the best HR services.

Elite Jobs International

Elite Jobs International is a job placement service that attracts and develops talent while providing superior, distinctive HR solutions.

Albanian HR Solutions, S.P.K.

Albanian HR Solutions sh.p.k. is a different reputable employment agency in Albania. They are experts at providing staffing and recruitment services to a variety of industries, including engineering, IT, finance, and the medical industry.

They have a team of educated and skilled recruiters who work closely with clients to fully grasp their particular requirements and identify the most qualified applicants for their open positions.

Additionally, the organization offers a wide array of HR consulting services, such as talent management, performance management, and employee retention.

How much should you give a recruitment firm?

Typically, recruitment companies charge a flat fee or a portion of the candidate’s first-year income. The pricing is specifically determined by the agency and the specific position you’re trying to fill.

Here are a few examples of typical fee schedules for staffing companies:


In this scenario, a fee is only charged if and when a candidate is hired; often, this price corresponds to a portion of the candidate’s first-year wage. This kind of setup is particularly common in lower-skilled positions where there are a lot of job seekers.


It is an advance payment. This kind of arrangement is more common when there is a pressing need and the job at hand is important.


The client will frequently pay a retainer fee for this combination of contingency and retained work in addition to a portion of the candidate’s first-year compensation.

The proportion could be between 10% and 25%, depending on the sector and level of seniority.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that pricing practices can differ between companies and regions. Always do your homework and bargain for the best deal for you.

Job opportunities in Albania

Albania offers a variety of employment opportunities depending on the region and industry, however, some of the most in-demand ones at the moment are:

  • IT and software development
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and education
  • Sales and marketing


It’s crucial to keep in mind that Albania has a competitive labor market, making it challenging to get employment.

In addition to making use of recruitment agencies, making friends and networking with professionals in your field might be effective strategies.

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