Recruitment Agencies in Chile for Foreigners and Citizens 2023

Are you a Chilean national looking for work or an outsider looking for employment prospects in Chile?  Recruitment firms can be a useful tool.

These organizations offer access to job postings in a range of industries, and their knowledge of the hiring procedure can help you discover a position that complements your qualifications and experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss Chile’s employment agencies for both foreigners and locals. So, if you’re interested in this subject, we recommend that you read it all the way through. See Recruitment Agencies in Argentina for Foreigners and Citizens.

Chile, a country in southern South America, is known for its various scenery. Agriculture, textiles, and manufacturing are just a few of the several industries that still call this nation home.

Recruitment agencies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both Chilean nationals and foreign workers as the nation continues to expand and the demand for skilled experts rises.

Recruitment agencies are specialized businesses that match job seekers and employers. They are crucial in assisting both job searchers and employers in locating competent people.

Recruitment companies in Chile provide a variety of services, such as finding and vetting candidates, offering training and development courses, and managing all administrative duties associated with finding and keeping employees.

Chile recruitment agencies for expats

According to their reputation, services provided, and success rates, the following Chilean recruitment firms are some of the best in 2023:


Hays is a well-known international employment agency with a substantial presence in Chile. They provide services for many different sectors, including finance, IT, engineering, and construction. Candidates and excellent job opportunities are consistently matched by Hays.


Another reputable employment agency in Chile, Adecco provides consultancy, outsourcing, and temporary and permanent staffing services. Their clientele is diverse and comes from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.


Randstad is an international staffing firm with offices in over 38 nations, including Chile. In addition to outsourcing and consulting, they provide services for both temporary and permanent staffing.

Randstad has a reputation for locating qualified people for a variety of fields, including finance, engineering, and technology.

Page Personnel

A recruitment firm that focuses on entry-level to mid-level employment in a variety of areas, including sales, HR, and finance, is Page Personnel. They are well-known and provide specialized assistance to both companies and job seekers in Chile.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a worldwide employment firm that has been doing business in Chile for a while. In addition to offering temporary and permanent staffing solutions, their area of expertise is in staffing solutions for sectors including IT, engineering, and finance.

Recruitment Process in Chile

It’s important to remember that the hiring procedure can change depending on the business, sector, and job.

Job application

In Chile, submitting a job application is typically the initial step in the hiring process. Either online or via email are options for doing this.


To find out if potential employees are qualified for the position, the company usually reviews the applications.


The employer will typically ask the applicant to an interview if they are interested in their application. Both in-person and video conference options are available for the interview.


The company may carry out additional evaluations of the candidate’s abilities, such as technical exams or personality evaluations, depending on the position and the industry.

Reference and background checks

Reference and background checks may be performed by the company to confirm the applicant’s credentials and guarantee they have no criminal histories.

Job offer

If the applicant is qualified for the position and succeeds on the assessments, the business may make the applicant a job offer. The job offer may contain information on the position’s title, pay, benefits, and start date.


The candidate will normally go through onboarding after accepting the job offer, which includes completing paperwork and going through training.


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