Recruitment Agencies in Ghana for Foreigners and Citizens 2024/2025

If finding a job in Ghana as a foreigner or citizen is one of your goals, but you’re unsure of the best approach to take, read on. You can do it by working with a recruitment agency.

Dealing with Ghana recruiting companies, the list of Ghana recruitment agencies for foreigners and locals in 2024/2025, This website includes information on how to email a hiring company, how to submit your résumé and much more. Continuity follows.

Ghana’s country is situated in West Africa. Its southern and eastern borders are formed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea, respectively. See Recruitment Agencies in Djibouti for Foreigners & Citizens.

The western and northern borders are formed by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Burkina Faso, and the Ivory Coast, respectively. The capital and biggest city of Ghana are located in Accra. The national tongue of Ghana is English.

The role of recruiting agencies in bridging the gap between job searchers and potential employers is critical. The importance of recruitment agencies has increased because Ghana’s economy is strong.

A variety of industries, including IT, manufacturing, mining, and construction, benefit from the connections made by these organizations between qualified individuals and job openings.

Working with Ghana recruitment companies.

Finding career opportunities in Ghana by working with recruiting agencies can be useful, but it’s important to be aware of the hazards and take precautions to protect your interests. Keep in mind the following:

  • Analyze the business: Verify the reputation of the organization and its success in placing job seekers in suitable positions. Request references or research online reviews.
  • Be aware of the costs: Some businesses may charge employers for their services, while others may charge job searchers. Make sure you are aware of the cost schedule and that it is affordable before deciding to work with an agency.
  • Take notes on everything: A written contract stating the services the agency will provide, the fees they will charge, and the terms of the contract should be in place between you and the agency.
  • Despite the fact that recruiting businesses can be a great way to get employment, they cannot guarantee you a position. Be ready to carry on your job search whether or not you’re employed by an agency.
  • Avoid frauds: Be careful of the many recruitment frauds that exist in Ghana. Make sure the organization is authentic and is not demanding payment in advance because it is against the law.
  • Be mindful of cultural variations: Afghan recruitment agencies may operate differently from those in other countries in terms of working methods and communication channels. Be prepared to adapt to these differences and communicate effectively with the agency.
  • Keep in Contact: Make sure to stay in touch with the agency, let them know how your job hunt is going, and take their advice on how to improve your chances of finding employment.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025

The following list of employment organizations in Ghana is accessible to both foreigners and natives in 2024–2025:

  • Open Spaces Job Consult
  • Platinum jobs
  • L’Aine Services Ltd.
  • Dasare Business Services
  • Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies
  • Herrlich Royal Services
  • Job House Recruitment Agency Ghana
  • Global Manpower Recruitment
  • BYF Consulting and Recruitment Services
  • Africa Manpower

Open Spaces Job Consult.

The best is provided to both employers and job seekers by Open Spaces Job Consult in Tema, Ghana. For further information, call 233241395221 or write to [email protected].

Platinum employment

Platinum Positions is a human resources and recruitment company that assists firms in Tema and all of Ghana in finding the best top talent and openings for job seekers.

L’Aine Services Ltd.

L’Aine Services Ltd. is a business that develops human resources and offers a wide range of services, including hiring, staff outsourcing to companies, training, organizational development, grooming, career counseling, interview preparation, and much more.

Dasare Business Services

Dasare company Services provides a variety of ready-made company solutions, including hiring, staff outsourcing, managing payroll, managing expatriates, and business consultancy.

This business offers personnel on a permanent, temporary, or contract basis. If you’re a Takoradi, Ghana-based firm looking to hire contract workers, Dasara Business Services will help you identify the right applicant.

Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies.

This organization is one of the best for finding work in Kumasi, Ghana. They are a leading supplier of HR services and make decisions about management, hiring, and operations without regard to politics.

If you’re seeking employment in Kumasi or around Ghana, Absolute HR has got you covered. The greatest candidates will be found by firms looking for top talent in Kumasi, Ghana, with the help of Absolute HR.

How can I email a recruitment agency my resume?

Locate the recipient’s business email address, then type it in.

In the subject line of your email, state why you are sending your CV.

Say hi, introduce yourself, and explain why you are emailing the receiver your CV.

Kindly close by stating your entire name.

You should prudently evaluate your own credentials and job preparation before contacting HR and recruitment firms.


That’s all there is to say about Ghanaian recruitment agencies for foreigners and locals in 2024–2025. We trust we were able to provide you with the important details you required about this subject. You would be well to leave any queries in the comment box, and we will respond there.

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