Recruitment Agencies in Hungary for Foreigners 2024/2025

This post is for you if you are considering moving to Hungary or are already there and looking for employment opportunities. In this article, we’ll cover a variety of topics including how foreigners can find employment in Hungary, list recruitment firms that can help them get employment there in 2024 or 2025, and much more.

Hungary is a highly developed European nation with well-paying occupations relative to other European nations, which has drawn many foreigners looking for work there.

The main economic pillars of Hungary are foreign trade, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, and tourism. This nation provides employment opportunities in a variety of fields. See Recruitment Agencies in Honduras for Foreigners.

In order to make it easier to get a job, Hungary, like other nations, has a large number of recruiting firms.

How to get a job in Hungary as a foreigner

In order to apply for a job in Hungary, just as in any other European country, citizens from outside the EU must have a work visa, resident permission, and other requirements. Some employment organizations even assist with the visa application.

A 30-day long-stay visa functions like permission that has already been authorized. In order to apply for a resident permit and register their lodging, they must go to the regional office of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing in charge of the region where their accommodation is located as soon as possible after entering Hungary.

The National Health Insurance Fund Administration and the Tax Authority both require non-EU citizens to apply for social insurance identification numbers and tax identification numbers, respectively.

A residence permit is good for three years in total. While a visa may be valid for up to one year, a work permit is only good for two years.

For highly skilled non-EU professionals who want to live and work in the EU, they can also apply for an EU Blue Card, which serves as both a work and residency permit. You must have the following in order to be eligible to apply for a Blue card:

  • Proof of your higher school credentials, such as your diploma or transcripts, or, in some cases, documentation of at least five years of relevant professional experience.
  • A minimum one-year employment agreement (this does not apply to self-employment or business ownership).
  • a wage that is higher than the national average in Hungary.
  • Long-Stay Visa Request.
  • All required travel documentation, including a passport, health insurance, and a travel itinerary.
  • Evidence that you fulfilled all legal criteria where your profession is regulated in order to practice it.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Hungary 2024

  • Hays Hungary
  • Vision Recruitment
  • RandStad
  • JobsGarden
  • Iseeq

Hays Hungary

One of the top multinational staffing firms in the world, Hays, has a location in Hungary. They have been operating in Hungary since 2003, and their areas of expertise include:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Tax
  • Banking and insurance
  • Engineering
  • Building
  • Sale
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Real estate market
  • Office support
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Life Sciences
  • HR and training
  • Financial services
  • Contact Details

Vision Recruitment

A variety of hiring services are offered by Vision Recruitment, including recruitment and selection, direct search, outplacement, and psychometric testing. Their expertise includes the following:

  • Marketing
  • Customer Service / SSC
  • IT/Technical/Engineer,
  • Finance
  • Acquisition
  • HR
  • Sales.


RandStad is a global staffing firm that offers employee placement, temporary staffing, executive search, outsourcing, outplacement, and other recruitment services.

Their primary interests lie in the following fields: finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, law, engineering, manufacturing, production, commerce, health care, administration, business support, physical labor, marketing, public relations, and real estate.


With more than 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, JobsGarden helps its client firms find talented individuals with expertise in fields like engineering, logistics, IT, finance, and business administration.

Jobs in Hungary that are most in demand.

The most prominent and well-liked occupations in Hungary, according to popular opinion, are doctors, engineers, and attorneys.

Following these occupations in the middle of the field are local government officials, programmers, bankers, marketing specialists, accountants, and experts in marketing who also have careers that are considered to be relatively prominent in Hungary.

According to research answers, the least respected professions in Hungary are social workers, nurses, teachers, kindergarten instructors, and police officers, who are listed last.

Hungary’s public works category has the lowest recognized rate of all the categories. Therefore, 95% of the respondents believe that public employees are undervalued or not recognized at all.


Knowing how to find a job in Hungary as a foreigner, the top recruitment firms there, and the most sought-after positions are all essential knowledge when thinking about traveling to Hungary.

That’s why we have decided to list out recruitment firms in the country to grant you easy access to them. If you have any questions on this topic, you can do well to drop it in the comment section.

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