Recruitment Agencies in Kazakhstan for Foreigners and Citizens 2023

Recruitment firms may assist you in navigating the job market and discovering the ideal position that satisfies your requirements and desires if you are a foreigner looking for employment chances in Kazakhstan or a local looking for better career prospects.

To give you information that will make it simple for you to contact them, today we’ll look at Kazakhstani recruitment agencies for both foreigners and locals. Start the process now!

In Kazakhstan, employment agencies have developed into a crucial component of the labor market for both foreigners and locals. See Recruitment Agencies in Iceland for Foreigners and Citizens.

The demand for trained professionals is growing along with the country’s economy’s continued expansion and diversification.

In Kazakhstan, employment agencies provide a wide range of services to both businesses and job seekers. They specialize in finding the ideal fit for both parties by matching applicants with open positions.

These organizations work directly with businesses to comprehend their demands and specifications before looking for employees who meet those criteria in terms of abilities, education, and experience.

On the other side, they help job seekers create their resumes, practice for interviews and offer advice on how to approach the job hunt.

These organizations can give you access to employment opportunities that you might not have otherwise discovered because of their in-depth knowledge of the regional labor market and their strong connections with companies.

In order to achieve the best deal possible, they can also assist you in negotiating your wage, benefits, and other employment-related aspects.

To put it simply, anyone wishing to advance their career should work with Kazakhstan in recruitment companies.

What are the best recruitment agencies in Kazakhstan for foreigners?

Following is a list of some of the best employment agencies in Kazakhstan based on reputation and performance:

Hays Kazakhstan

Hays is one of the top international employment agencies having offices in over 30 nations, including Kazakhstan. They have a group of skilled recruiters who concentrate on different areas, such as oil & gas, finance, IT, and engineering.

JLL Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is served by the international real estate services company JLL’s recruitment services. They have a group of professionals who are experts in the building and real estate sectors.

Gulf Talent

Kazakhstan is one of the countries that Kazakhstani employers may reach through the online job marketplace Gulf Talent. They focus on hiring for a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, construction, and finance.

HeadHunter Kazakhstan

In addition to offering employment services, HeadHunter is a well-known online job board in Kazakhstan. They provide a variety of services, such as resume writing and support with the job hunt, and have a sizable database of businesses and job seekers.

Kazakhstan Kelly Services

Located in more than 40 nations, including Kazakhstan, Kelly Services is a multinational recruitment firm. Finance, IT, and engineering are just a few of the sectors in which they have expertise. See Recruitment Agencies in Guatemala for Foreigners and Citizens.

Euromax Resources

In Kazakhstan, mining and minerals are the areas of expertise for Euromax Resources, a recruitment firm. You can get the job you want in this industry with the assistance of their staff of seasoned recruiters.

How do recruitment agencies in Kazakhstan work for job seekers?

In Kazakhstan, employment agencies serve as a middleman between potential employees and businesses. Their primary goal is to connect the ideal individual with the ideal job opening.

The normal operation of recruiting agencies in Kazakhstan for job searchers is as follows:

Registering with the agency

The initial step for job seekers is to send their résumé and other pertinent information to the recruitment agency and register with them. This enables the organization to comprehend the job seeker’s abilities, credentials, and experience.

Job search

Following the applicant’s registration with the agency, the latter will look for openings that fit the applicant’s qualifications. Additionally, they will let the job seeker know about any positions they have.

Preparing for job interviews

The agency will offer the job seeker guidance on how to get ready for interviews, including pointers on how to prepare responses to frequently asked questions, choose proper attire, and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Setting up the interview

If the candidate is chosen for an interview, the agency will arrange the time with the company on their behalf.


The agency will let the applicant know whether or not they have been chosen for the position based on feedback from the company.

Salary negotiation

If the job applicant is hired, the agency will assist them in negotiating their pay, insurance coverage, and other employment-related terms and conditions.


Job seekers in Kazakhstan can benefit from the assistance of recruitment firms in a variety of ways, including locating relevant employment possibilities, offering advice on job search tactics, getting ready for interviews, and negotiating employment terms.

The recruiting companies mentioned above are only a few of the best in Kazakhstan that you may choose to take into consideration when seeking employment there.

Finding the agency that best suits your needs and tastes requires extensive investigation and evaluation of each option.

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