Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners and Citizens in Laos 2023/2024

Are you searching for the ideal position in Laos? Do you want a position in Laos that would allow you to work there as a citizen or as a foreigner? Then you should read this article.

This list will include the top employment agencies in Laos that offer reasonable rates, present current employment opportunities for locals and foreigners, and answer questions about how much money is made in Laos. To receive all of this information, try to read this article through to the finish.

Laos has a diverse economy with strong agricultural, forestry, and fishing sectors that offer both locals and tourists a wide range of employment opportunities. See Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners and Citizens in Guyana.

Getting a job in Laos as a citizen or as an international expat has never been simpler. Foreigners can readily find work in Laos with the aid of many international recruitment companies in Laos. We’ll shortly be investigating these organizations.

Top recruiting agencies for foreigners and citizens in Laos 2023

There are many recruiting firms in Laos that cater to both locals and foreigners, but these are the top firms that we advise if you’re seeking employment in Laos as either an outsider or a local.

  • Lao Job Co., LTD
  • 108 GROUP CO., LTD
  • CVconnect company recruitment
  • Lao Consultancy Group
  • Bousavan employment provision
  • Job Recruitment Company Limited
  • Lanexang labor state enterprise Co.,LTD.
  • Lao labor promotion (LLPC, Co.,LTD.)
  • Lao state employment enterprise (LSEE)
  • KP service and labor development CO.,LTD.
  • Vientiane employment service
  • Xaiya employment CO., LTD
  • Inter labor Co.,LTD
  • Deaunsavan employment company
  • Sinxay employment service
  • Douangphachanh employment service CO.,LTD.
  • NP employment service CO.,LTD.
  • Khammany employment service CO.,LTD.

Requirement for Job Recruitment for International expats in Laos

You need a work permit to be able to work as a foreigner in Laos. The simplest approach to obtain a work permit is to apply for a position as an international teacher, albeit this is typically difficult to do. A work visa costs roughly $400 USD.

When requesting a work permit, you must submit an application form that has been filled out and signed a recent passport photo, and a passport that is still valid for up to six months after your intended stay in Laos.

How much are workers paid in Laos?

The current minimum wage in Laos is 900,000 LAKH per month, or 111 USD. Since the first day of April 2015, this minimum wage has been in force. However, depending on the organization they work for and the role, an expat’s compensation can be significantly greater.

Personal income tax (PIT), which varies in rate according to wage, is due by all employees, including foreign nationals. For people making 40,000,001 LAK or more per month, the maximum tax is 24%.

Earnings between 24,000,001 and 40,000,000 LAK are subject to a 20% rate. 15% of people making 12,000,001 to 24,000,000 LAK are subject to this rate.

The rate is 12% for persons making between 6,001,001 and 12,000,000 LAK. The rate is 10% on people making between 3,001,001 and 600,000,000 LAK.

The rate is 5% for people making between 1,000,001 and 3,000,000 LAK, while it is 0% for those making less than 1,000,000 LAK each month. 48 hours are worked on average per week.


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