Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia for Foreigners and Citizens?

Are you considering a job in an Asian nation? Would you like more information on working in Malaysia? Are you an international expat, a foreign student, or perhaps a Malaysian citizen looking for the top hiring firms with openings in Malaysia? You are now on the appropriate page.

Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of Malaysia and offer advice on how to find employment there as a foreigner. Let’s start!

Southeast Asia is the home of Malaysia. Although English is recognized throughout the nation as an international language, Malay, or Bahasa Malaysia, is the official language. See Recruitment Agencies in Liechtenstein.

Malaysia’s economy is growing well and is largely driven by agriculture. Chemicals, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, electrical and electronic items, and palm oil are the country’s main exports.

Recruitment agencies are businesses that link employers and job seekers. There are numerous privately owned companies that serve as employment agencies in Malaysia, as well as one that is supported by the government.

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Requirements for a work visa

  • a document attesting to their present-day nationality
  • A duplicate of their passport, which must be still valid six months after the date of their entry
  • completed and signed visa application
  • Business letter from your organization outlining the applicant’s visa requirements and reason for entering the nation
  • letter of invitation from your business
  • evidence of having enough money to support themselves
  • Payable in US dollars, Comorian francs (KMF), or euros, the visa charge is about $50.

The stages to applying for a work visa are as follows:

  • Contact your embassy to learn more about the visa requirements that apply to your employee’s particular situation.
  • Obtain the necessary paperwork so it can be presented when you arrive.
  • pay the longer-than-normal price for a long-stay visa for the acquisition of the visa.
  • Fill out the application, then schedule a time to meet in person at the point of entry as necessary.

Leading Malaysian recruitment agencies for both foreigners and locals

Over the past few years, there have been significant changes as numerous businesses have entered and exited the market for Malaysian recruitment agencies.

Finding the finest employment companies may be difficult given the abundance of information that is out there.

We hope that this list of the top recruitment agencies in Malaysia will help you find your perfect position more quickly.


This firm provides staffing solutions for a range of industries, including IT, engineering, and finance.

Kelly Services

This business offers job opportunities for both temporary and long-term employment across a variety of industries.

A company called Page Personnel specializes in filling entry-level and mid-level jobs in the legal, financial, and technology fields.

Adecco Malaysia

This organization provides both foreigners and locals with a wide range of work choices in numerous fields.


Both Malaysian citizens and foreigners can find work opportunities on this website.

Adecco: This business provides locals and visitors with a wide range of career options across numerous industries.


This organization offers employment opportunities across a wide range of industries, including IT, engineering, and finance.

This organization specializes in recruiting for executive roles in industries like marketing, engineering, and finance, Matthew Page.

Recruiting for jobs in the legal, financial, and technology industries is one of their specialties, according to Robert Walters.


This organization provides career opportunities for professionals with expertise in a range of industries, including IT, engineering, and finance.

In addition to these top employment agencies, there are numerous other local agencies in Malaysia that you can research.

Malaysian employment opportunities

In Malaysia, there are different employment choices available across various industries. Some of the key industries driving the nation’s economic growth include the following:

  • Producing textiles, electronics, and cars, Malaysia is recognized for its manufacturing sector. This sector has several job opportunities for engineers, technicians, and factory workers.
  • Services: The banking, tourism, and healthcare sectors are among those that strongly influence the nation’s economy. There are several job opportunities in this sector for professionals including accountants, bankers, and healthcare workers.
  • Production of gas and oil: Malaysia is a major producer of both, and this industry offers job opportunities for engineers, technicians, and other specialist experts.
  • Information Technology (IT): Malaysia’s IT business is increasing quickly, providing employment opportunities for programmers, software developers, and other IT specialists.
  • Agriculture: Malaysia is a nation that mainly relies on agriculture and offers job opportunities in the farming, agronomy, and agricultural engineering industries.
  • Building: As Malaysia’s building industry expands, employment for architects, engineers, and construction workers are produced.
  • Education and Training: The Malaysian education and training sector is growing, providing career opportunities for educators such as teachers and trainers.
  • Government, civil services, and public utilities are all part of the public sector, which also provides job possibilities.
  • The diversified work market in Malaysia offers opportunities for persons with a wide range of abilities and credentials.


We think you’ve chosen the recruitment agency you can work with on the basis of the information we’ve provided above. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment area if you found this post to be useful.

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