Recruitment Agencies in Mongolia for Foreigners and Citizens 2024/2025

Do you want to discover a list of Mongolian employment agencies that are accepting applications from both locals and foreigners in 2024 and 2025? You might be concerned about the cost of using a recruitment firm.

Are you curious about the benefits and drawbacks of using Mongolian recruitment agencies? Then you should read this article since we will address all of these issues there. Continue reading!

China and Russia both share a border with the north-central Asian country of Mongolia. The largest metropolis in the country and its capital is Ulaanbaatar. See Recruitment Agencies in Monaco for Foreigners and Citizens.

Buddhism and shamanism are the two recognized religions in Mongolia, and Mongolian is the national language.

Recruitment services are essential in Mongolia for connecting job seekers with respectable employment opportunities. These groups offer a variety of assistance, such as assistance with job searching, resume writing, and interview preparation.

They have areas of expertise in a variety of sectors, including IT, oil & gas, and construction. These groups have the resources and connections to help job seekers locate the best possibilities.

2024/2025 Mongolian recruitment firms for residents and foreigners

Numerous employment agencies are available in Mongolia to help job seekers find openings in a variety of industries. Several examples are as follows:

  • PwC Mongolia
  • EZ-HR Solutions
  • Adecco Mongolia
  • KPMG Mongolia
  • Deloitte Mongolia
  • Talent Partners Mongolia
  • Pro-Staff LLC
  • Mongolian Staffing Solutions
  • JobNet
  • Top Job
  • JobMongolia
  • Manpower Mongolia
  • MP Group
  • JobNet Mongolia

PwC Mongolia

PwC is a global professional services firm that specializes in identifying candidates for employment in consulting, finance, and accounting.

EZ-HR Solutions

The company EZ-HR Solutions provides a wide range of HR services, such as hiring, payroll, and training.

Adecco Mongolia

This organization, which is a part of the global Adecco Group, offers staffing solutions for numerous industries, such as finance, engineering, and healthcare.

KPMG Mongolia

This global professional services firm has a recruitment division that seeks candidates for employment in accounting, finance, and consulting.

Deloitte Mongolia

Deloitte, a different multinational provider of professional services, has a recruitment division that focuses on finding candidates for jobs in consulting, finance, and accounting.

Pros and Cons of Using Recruitment Agencies in Mongolia

Pros of using recruitment agencies in Mongolia include:

  • With the help of recruiting agencies, it is easier to access a wider network of job seekers and find the best candidate for the job.
  • Saving time: Hiring managers might spend less time and effort on application screening by outsourcing it to staffing firms.
  • Recruitment firms can provide organizations with enlightening information and advice because of their expertise and experience in the local labor market.
  • Staffing companies help ensure that employers follow local labor laws and regulations.

Cons of using recruitment agencies in Mongolia  include:

  • Cost: Hiring agencies can be expensive because firms frequently have to pay a fee for their services.
  • Lack of control: Employers may have less control over the hiring process if they use a recruitment service.
  • Limited knowledge: If hiring directly, businesses would have immediate access to more candidate data.
  • As with any other commodity or service, there may be wide variations in the caliber of the service.
  • Keep in mind that, like any other service, using recruitment agencies can have both advantages and disadvantages. Employers should conduct their research and pick a reputable company that is familiar with the local labor market.

How much does hiring a recruiter cost in Mongolia?

It is challenging to estimate the cost of engaging a recruiter in Mongolia because it relies on the specific services offered, the type of recruiter, and the situation of the labor market. Some recruiters may charge a flat fee, while others may charge a portion of the candidate’s first-year salary.

The fact that there are several types of recruiters and headhunters—some of whom are paid on commission, some on salaries, and still others work independently—must also be kept in mind.

Investigate and contrast the costs and services offered by numerous Mongolian recruiters to choose the best solution for your requirements.


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