Recruitment Agencies in Netherlands for Foreigners 2024/2025

Do you need assistance finding Dutch employment agencies for foreigners? There are around 229 notable cities in the Netherlands, one of the richest countries in the world.  There are a lot of people drawn to it from all over the world because of its wealth and progress.

How would one locate a recruiter in the Netherlands, do you know? In the Netherlands, how may a foreigner find employment?

We’ll cover topics like how to find employment in the Netherlands as a foreign national and recruitment agencies in the country in this article. See Recruitment Agencies in Nepal.

In terms of the global economy, the Netherlands ranks 18th. with a GDP (gross domestic product) of $72,973 billion in 2024.

One of the largest sources of income in the Netherlands, together with refined petroleum, is the export of chemicals and electrical equipment. Obtaining a job in the Netherlands depends heavily on recruitment agencies.

Employers gain greatly from them since they speed up the hiring process, save money, and increase the number of people who see job postings.

List of recruitment agencies in the Netherlands for foreigners 2024

The best employment agencies in the Netherlands are listed below based on feedback from their clients

  • Undutchable
  • Blue Lynx
  • Adams multilingual recruitment
  • Robert Half Netherlands
  • Abroad experience
  • Michael page Netherlands
  • Hays Netherlands


In the Netherlands, this is an employment agency for foreigners. Undutchable aids candidates for executive positions who are native speakers of languages other than Dutch in advancing their careers in the Netherlands, including recent graduates, starters, and freshmen.

Blue Lynx

With over 30 years of recruitment and HR experience, it is one of the leading recruitment firms in the Netherlands. Their diversified team of specialists assists both employers and candidates in making the greatest matches.

Robert Half Netherlands

With locations in the Netherlands, Robert Half is a global staffing firm. The following hiring specialties are highlighted by Robert Half in the Netherlands:

  • (Provisional) Finance & Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • office support and administrative team OfficeTeam
  • Project and interim management resources
  • Student job and holiday work
  • Phone number

Michael page Netherlands

Michael Page is a global recruiter for contract and full-time positions in the following industries: banking and financial services, finance, consultancy and project management, IT, sales and marketing, tax, legal, human resources, engineering and manufacturing, procurement and supply chain, and healthcare and life sciences. There are offices for Michael Page in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Tilburg.

How to find a recruiter in the Netherlands

Contacting a Netherlands employment agent directly is the best approach to establish a connection and collaborate with them. utilizing either a phone call or an email. The majority of strategies are.


Nearly all recruiters in the Netherlands use LinkedIn and are frequently active on the platform. Send a connect request, make it unique, and include justifications for the recruiter to approve before pressing connect.


Recruiters are frequently overloaded by the volume of messages they get, despite the fact that sending a message through LinkedIn is frequently simpler. It may be preferable to send an email directly to their work email account in some cases.

You can call the direct phone line provided by each employment agency in the Netherlands. The phone number you require is in my toolbox.

When you have the office’s phone number, go online to the business’s website to find the recruiter’s name on the team that specializes in your industry.

Then, call the business and ask for them by name. In your follow-up email, thank them for their time on the phone and include an up-to-date resume after briefly introducing yourself and suggesting a coffee talk.

Apply for a job online

If none of the aforementioned options work, there is still a different technique to catch the attention of a recruiter in the Netherlands, and that is by applying for a job that they are advertising.

Simply make sure you are a good fit for the position; it is crucial that you create a positive first impression. If they are interested in you and your profile, they will get in touch with you, and in most cases, they will still add your CV to their database.


All there is to know about Recruitment Agencies in the Netherlands for Foreigners 2024/2025, or how to get a job in the Netherlands if you’re a foreigner have been discussed in this article.

We are confident that you were able to find some data that will be useful to you as you start looking for work in the nation.

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