Recruitment Agencies in Panama for Foreigners and Citizens 2023/2024

Are you looking for details on employment in Panama? Do you want to know who are the best foreign and local employment agencies in Panama? Would you be interested in learning more about Panama’s economy? If so, this post will be helpful to you as we address all of its questions. Start the process now!

Panama is a country located on the Panama Canal Isthmus. A little more than 1,938,000 people live in Panama City, the country’s capital. The primary tongue is Spanish.

The small population of the nation makes it difficult to find educated workers looking for specialized positions. See Recruitment Agencies in Palau for Foreigners and Citizens.

Despite this difficulty, you must hire capable employees who can keep your business running. You must also understand how to hire Panamanian workers if you want to comply.

Panama’s recruitment

Panama has had positive changes in its business climate over the past 10 years, and it is now swiftly emerging as a viable site for business expansion. There are several ways to begin your staffing and recruiting processes:

Manage your internal hiring

If you prefer to manage your Panama personnel internally, think about posting job positions on several job search portals.

Try to post on industry-specific portals, general websites, and social media platforms. This will help you cover all your bases and give you the best chance of success. See Recruitment Agencies in Mauritius for Foreigners and Citizens.

Hire a local talent recruitment agency

If you’re hoping for a quick hiring turnaround, managing the hiring process internally may not be the best choice. Working with a local headhunting service will help you find and hire talented people much more rapidly.

However, employment companies frequently do not ensure adherence to the law. Because foreign employment regulations are so complicated, it is crucial to double-check all information and adhere to local recruiting norms.

Get Connected to a worldwide PEO

A  global PEO can help with recruitment efforts and serve as the employer of record. In addition to speeding up the hiring process, your company will gain from having complete peace of mind knowing that you are not responsible for the legal compliance of your new staff.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Panama for foreigners and citizens 2023

Do you need information on the hiring firms in Panama? The following is a list of Panamanian recruitment agencies for both foreigners and locals:

  • ManPower Panama
  • Agencia de Empleos Human Solutions Pty
  • Panamá Jobs
  • Amrop
  • Recursos Humanos Panamá | Talent Consulting
  • Konzerta
  • Panama Marine Services

Panama’s Economy

The backbone of Panama’s economy is the services sector, which accounts for over 80% of its GDP and the majority of its foreign income.

Among the services provided are the Panama Canal, banking, business, the Colón Free Trade Zone, insurance, container ports, flagship registry, health and medical care, and tourism.

The nation’s industries include those that produce textiles, cement, drinks, adhesives, and airplane parts. Panama also exports textiles, shrimp, sugar, coffee, and bananas. The US dollar, which is accepted as legal tender in that country, serves as the sole currency of Panama.

Following its secession from Colombia (with American support) and temporary loss of its native currency, Panama was the first foreign country to officially adopt the U.S. dollar (1903). Low inflation and a prosperous economy have historically been characteristics of Panama.


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