Recruitment Agencies in Papua New Guinea 2024/2025 for Foreigners 

A nation of Pacific Islands in Papua New Guinea. This island nation is renowned for its diverse wildlife. Do you want to learn how foreigners can get employment in Papua New Guinea and what the top recruitment firms are there? Then you should read this article.

This article will cover topics including work permits in Papua New Guinea, how to find employment as a foreigner in Papua New Guinea, and recruitment agencies in the country. Let’s get going!

Top recruitment agencies in Papua New Guinea 2024

Air Energi Pacific Ltd

The Air Energi Group, which has 30 years of experience in offering worldwide workforce solutions, includes Air Energi Pacifica Ltd.

Air Energi has operational experience in more than 50 nations globally and regional headquarters in Australasia, the Middle East, the UK, the US, and the Asia Pacific Regions.

For the public and private sectors, the mining industry, and the oil and gas industry, they offer a broad range of recruitment, workforce services, and customized solutions. See Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan for Foreigners.

Applus+ Wokman

This company is a significant provider of local and foreign labor for numerous industries, including as mining and construction, oil and gas, transportation, hotels, sales and marketing, agricultural, government, and aid projects.

Omni Limited

Omni Limited is a company involved in the Building and Construction industry in Papua New Guinea with its principal focus on its joinery and cabinet-making business. Currently, Omni manufactures and installs.

Pacific Manpower

This company specializes in providing human resources services to the mining, oil and gas, transportation, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing sectors in Papua New Guinea.

Vanguard Worldwide

One of the top employment agencies in Papua New Guinea, it manages the hiring of local and international employees at all levels and offers full consultant/contractor support services, such as setting up and hosting the required PNG work permits and employment visas, paying salaries, paying statutory and insurance fees, and providing general administrative, logistical, and personal support services.

Requirements to Obtain Papua New Guinea  Work Visas

International workers must present the following documentation in order to be granted a visa to work in Papua New Guinea :

  • a filled-out visa application
  • the most recent six-month-old passport photo
  • The current passport with a photo, at least two blank pages, and a duration of at least 90 days after the applicant plans to leave Papua New Guinea
  • evidence of medical coverage
  • an authenticated duplicate of the applicant’s work permit
  • evidence that the visa cost has been paid
  • In the event that the applicant decides to mail the application, they must include return postage. Additionally, certain employees can be asked to provide more paperwork.

An employment permit takes roughly 15 days to process. After the work permit has been approved, prospective workers can submit an application for a visa to enter Papua New Guinea.

In Papua New Guinea, a work visa is generally granted for a year. Highly qualified workers, however, might be able to get one with a two-year validity period.

Jobs in Papua New Guinea

Around 3% of people are unemployed in PNG. As an immigrant, you have access to a variety of employment in Papua New Guinea.

All you need to do is look for openings that match your qualifications and apply either directly or through a recruitment agency if you already have all the credentials necessary to work in PNG.

There are several career prospects for foreigners in Papua New Guinea, which is still developing.


Given that Papua New Guinea is an island nation in the Pacific, the way in which it employs foreign workers may be different from that of other nations.

For this reason, it’s crucial to find out the relevant facts regarding foreign worker recruiting companies in Papua New Guinea.

How to obtain a work permit in Papua New Guinea and how to find employment there as a foreigner. Was the details above helpful to you?

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