Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners 2024/2025

Are you a foreigner who wants to move to Poland but is unsure of how to do so and find employment with one of the hiring agencies? This essay is for you, then.

We’ll go over the essential information about foreign recruitment firms in Poland in this article. Poland is a nation in Central Europe that has a rich cultural legacy.

Additionally, it has stunning natural landmarks, gorgeous architecture, and welcoming locals that draw tourists to this well-known location.

The economy of Poland is growing rapidly, and the best employment services in Poland for foreigners are assisting both locals and foreign job searchers in finding jobs.

Foreigners can choose from a wide range of employment options. See Recruitment Agencies in Peru for Foreigners and Citizens.

List of Top Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners 2024

Bigram S.A.

The Polish city of Warszawa is home to the human resources company Bigram S.A.

Michael Page Recruitment Agency

This Polish company specializes in international hiring. They are experts in delivering personnel services for sectors including, but not limited to: banking and financial services, digital e-commerce, engineering and production, finances and accountancy, pharmacy and medical equipment, human resources, and information technology.


In Wroclaw, Poland, there is a human resources company called AboutHR. Both executive search and IT recruiting services are offered by their team.


Jobian is a group of skilled recruiters, managers, IT consultants, managers, lawyers, and call center employees who work together with reliable partners to offer high-quality, secure, and reasonably priced services in the areas of employment, immigration, and legal support, banking operations, insurance, and assistance with common problems.

DevsData LLC

An IT consulting firm with headquarters in New York City and a branch in San Francisco is called DevsData LLC. Visit the website to learn more.

  • Employee Relations
  • A respected digital talent acquisition business with a basis in Rzesz√≥w, Poland, is HR Contact.

How can I work in Poland?

Poland offers employment options. Only a small percentage of the 50 million visitors who come to Poland each year are granted work permits.

For instance, in order for a foreign national to be invited to work in Poland and find employment there, they must submit an application with the support of a Polish business.

In order to work in Poland, foreign nationals must have a valid working visa. As an employer, you must apply for each employee’s work permit at the same time they do so.

The Polish consulate or embassy in each employee’s country of residence will receive applications for work visas.

The Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services in Poland is where you will simultaneously submit an application for a work visa.

Only 90 days are permitted in Poland on a work visa. Any visitor who intends to stay for more than 90 days must submit an application for a short-term resident visa to the Directorate General of Migration Management.

The length of a work permit in Poland might be increased to two or three years. Employees are eligible to apply for an indefinite work visa without having to renew it after residing and working in Poland for eight straight years.


life in Poland is significantly more affordable and the minimum salary is much higher than in other European nations.

Utilizing the services of the Best recruitment firms is crucial if you’re thinking about moving to Poland in order to guarantee that you’ll acquire a job.

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