Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for Foreigners 2024/2025

If you’re searching for Singapore recruiting agencies for foreigners and are concerned about your ability to find employment in the nation, you’ve come to the right place.

Singapore is one of the most developed nations on earth, and it also has one of the biggest economies. This has drawn numerous foreigners to the area in search of career opportunities. The nation is home to thousands of prestigious foreign worker recruitment agencies.

We’ll discuss how a foreigner can find employment in Singapore in this article. Additionally, we have produced a list of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore for foreigners and foreign organizations hiring in Singapore.

Even though they speak little Singaporean, foreigners can nonetheless get employment in Singapore. See Recruitment Agencies in Sierra Leone.

How Can I apply directly for a job in Singapore?

Foreigners can obtain employment in Singapore in a few different ways. The simplest and most popular method is to look for jobs on websites with job portals.

You may discover which Singaporean businesses are recruiting here, as well as the different positions that are accessible in Singapore.

Additionally, some websites provide useful details and content about residing and working in Singapore.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

Randstad Singapore

One of the top employment agencies in Singapore is Randstad. They offer services like contracting, outsourcing, and executive search, among others.

Michael Page Singapore

In 1994, the international employment agency Michael Page was founded in Asia. They concentrate on temporary, permanent, and intermediate modes of recruitment.

They Specialize in Construction, digital, engineering and manufacturing, marketing, finance and accounting, healthcare, etc.

Robert Half Singapore

One of the greatest recruitment firms in the world, Robert Half has more than 300 locations in Singapore alone. They are one of the companies in Singapore that offers executive search services, and they also offer job-seeker-friendly publications. They focus on Resources in management, technology, and finance & accounting.

BGC Group

A global employment agency called BGC Group was founded on March 18, 2005. They have aided many job seekers in securing employment with the organizations of their choosing.

Robert Walters

They concentrate on both long-term and short-term hiring. They are knowledgeable about the local market, which has enabled them to successfully position job seekers from many industries in reputable businesses. They focus on Finance, accounting, banking & financial services, human resources, IT, law, etc.

Manpower Singapore

Manpower is the place to go whether you’re seeking experts in HR Consultancy, Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing, Event Recruitment, Temporary and contract Recruitment, or Permanent Recruitment. As a member of the Manpower Group, which also consists of Experis, Manpower is a global employment agency.

Singapore JAC Recruitment

one of the most seasoned employment firms in Asia and Europe. They primarily concentrate on hiring senior managers and consultants. They focus on Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Education & Training, among others.

How To Get a Job in Singapore

Singapore is a well-liked nation due to its cheap taxes, affordable cost of living, and pleasant weather. A common dream is to reside in Singapore and find employment there. How to find a job in Singapore is described below.

  • Verify your employment eligibility in Singapore.
  • Select a booming industry.
  • Recognize standard employment procedures
  • Search online to find a job in Singapore.
  • Meet with any of Singapore’s employment firms
  • Contact others
  • Apply for  a work visa
  • Prepare to move


Your decision-making during your search for a job in the nation will be aided by what you’ve read about Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for foreigners 2024/2025. If you have any comments or questions, please do so in the comment section.

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