20 Highest Paid Jobs in Australia 2023

Do you want to apply for a job in Australia and you are being selective about the highest paid job in the country? If that is what is holding your application, make sure you read this article for better clarification. Every job in Australia does not worth an equal salary; some are actually higher than others.

In this article, I am going be listing out those important jobs that are in high demand and are paid more than workers in other jobs. See Engineering Jobs in Australia.

Jobs in High Demand in Australia

Australian labour market is in high demand of the following jobs, as their services are greatly needed in almost all the fields of specialization. See Accounting Jobs in Australia

This implies that candidates with these skills are in better opportunities of getting jobs in the country.

  • Surgeon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Engineering Management
  • Anesthesiology
  • Mining Engineer
  • Information technology management
  • Internal medicine
  • Engineer
  • General Manager
  • Marketing management
  • General practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontics
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Portfolio manager

Highest Paid Jobs in Australia 2023

In the table below, you are going to see the list of jobs that can pay you very high in Australia;

Job titleIndustry areaAverage salary ($AUD)
In-house general counselLegal$400,000
General manager/project managerMedical$386,065
Company SecretaryConstruction$350,000
Company secretaryLegal$342,500
Head of operationsMining$325,000
Internal medicine specialistMedical$304,752
Chief technology officerIT$300,000
Head of technologyIT$300,000
Investment directorFinance$300,000
Portfolio managerFinance$280,000
Chief financial officerFinance$280,000
Head of complianceLegal$277,500

Most Common Jobs in Australia

While I show you the highest paid jobs in Australia, it is also important to let know the most common jobs that you can find easily in the country. They include the following:

OccupationMale (‘000 persons)Female (‘000 persons)
Clerical and administrative workers373.51,203.7
Sales workers382.6651.4
Machinery operators and drivers621.381.3

Now that you have seen the highest paid jobs in Australia, you should be smart in making your choices during your application. In case of further inquiries, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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