Recruitment Agencies in Austria for Foreigners 2024/2025

This article will aid foreigners wishing to relocate to Austria for employment in navigating the hiring procedure and achieving professional success.

We will present a list of Austrian employment agencies in this article for both foreigners. You will also learn how to apply for jobs in Austria and the kind of jobs that are in demand there.

Agencies in Austria are essential for linking job seekers with prospective companies. These organizations in Austria can be a useful tool for both immigrants and locals looking for work possibilities. See Recruitment Agencies in Armenia for Foreigners and Citizens.

Austria provides a variety of job chances for a number of skill levels thanks to its diverse economy and expanding tourism sector.

Recruitment firms come in handy because it might be difficult to navigate the job market in a foreign nation. They can be of great help in developing a resume, getting ready for interviews, and locating job openings that fit a person’s qualifications.

How can I find employment in Austria?

Start by looking for employment openings on Internet job boards and on the websites of Austrian recruitment firms if you want to work there.

You might also consider networking with professionals in your industry and contacting potential employers to learn more about job possibilities. Having an excellent CV and cover letter that highlights your qualifications may be useful.

You must get a work permit in order to be authorized to lawfully work in the nation (EU) if you are not an Austrian or citizen of the European Union.

Depending on your citizenship country and the kind of career you’re looking for, obtaining a work visa may require a number of procedures. Before you start your job hunt, find out what is required to get a work visa in Austria.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Austria for Foreigners 2023

Michael Page Austria

Among the top staffing firms in the globe is Michael Page. This recognized recruitment agency focuses on placing candidates in permanent, contract, temporary, and interim positions with customers across the globe.

There are several areas of expertise for Michael Page.

  • Services in banking and finance
  • Construction and engineering
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Resources for People
  • IT Sales and Marketing
  • Supply-chain management, Taxation, and Legal

Hays, Austria

Austrian clients can find Hays, one of the biggest recruitment agencies in the globe. In Austria, the Hays brand facilitates the introduction of top candidates and businesses.

Hays Austria has your back whether you need assistance with contract work, temporary labor, hiring staff, or workforce management.

Hays Austria focused on areas such as:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Sales & Marketing

Mondial Recruiting

One of Austria’s top employment firms is Mondial Recruiting.

They have extensive cross-border hiring experience and are employed in a variety of fields, including the automation, electrical, and automotive industries.

Candidates looking for employment prospects can turn to Mondial Recruiting for assistance in finding the ideal position as well as in matters relating to relocation, VISA applications, and any other activities to guarantee a seamless transfer to your organization and location.

Manpower Austrian

Austria’s top provider of temporary employment, people consulting, and recruitment services is Manpower. See Recruitment Agencies in Antigua and Barbuda for Foreigners.

This top employment agency assists job seekers in finding suitable employment as well as positions competent individuals in businesses.

In addition to student and part-time positions, their job offer comprises commercial, technical, commercial, and industrial positions.


Experis is a recruiting and people consultancy expert that provides a perfect match between job seekers and employers.

This specialized recruitment agency hires professionals in the following industries: IT, engineering, finance & accounting, HR, legal, banking & financial services, and sales & marketing.

Which Jobs is in demand in Austria

Your best bet if you’re a foreigner considering moving to Austria or already live there is to educate yourself on the high-growth, high-demand job sectors available on the Austrian labor market so you can choose one with the best prospects. These include, among others:

  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • IT
  • Health
  • Retail, trade, and e-commerce
  • Media, culture, and entertainment


Austria is home to a wide range of employment firms, each with its own specializations and areas of interest. While some organizations offer more general job placement services, others have a focus on certain industries, such as the hotel sector.

It’s critical for job searchers to conduct adequate research before selecting an agency that fits their needs and professional objectives.

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