Recruitment Agencies in Belarus for Foreigners 2024/2025

Are you looking for foreign recruiting agencies in Belarus? People who are thinking about visiting Belarus frequently wonder how they may get employment there. What is Belarus’ employment rate?

We’ve assembled a list of Belarusian recruitment firms in this post, along with information on how foreigners can apply for visas, find employment in Belarus, and other pertinent topics. Let’s move forward!

Belarus is a landlocked nation with a population of 9.4 million people and a rich cultural diversity. A resource-rich nation, Belarus will have a nominal GDP of US$74.61 billion in 2023. Jobs are available in a variety of industries in this nation. See Recruitment Agencies in Barbados for Foreigners and Citizens.

Recruitment agencies are the quickest route to these positions because they have exclusive access to a sizable database of open vacancies, including those that are never declared or promoted on job boards or other places. Finding the ideal employment for you could depend on your ability to access such positions.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Belarus for Foreigners 2024

Here are the recruitment agencies in Belarus for Foreigners in 2024

Kollekcija Otkrytie Kedrovoe Agentstvo CHP.

In 1998, the Republic of Belarus established the “Collection of the Open” personnel facility. We have been searching for and choosing employees for Belarusian, Russian, and foreign businesses in a variety of industries for more than 20 years.

Business and production – Public relations, marketing – Real estate development and technology – Construction – Financial institutions and services Pharmaceuticals and medical products, sales (B2B, B2C, retail), logistics and transportation, and the restaurant industry.


We advertise ourselves as a B2B company that provides workers while also providing clients with HR services that are of the highest caliber. Since it first began operations in March 2002, KIAT has focused on offering innovative HR-services.

Gubanova and Partners

An international staffing company for the complete hiring and personnel management cycle is called Gubanova and Partners.

SERVICES – recruitment of staff members ranging from specialists to TOP managers as well as the creation of turnkey teams utilizing the most recent European methods; – IT recruiting: search and selection of IT specialists at all levels, from junior to CEO, opening a representative office or a new company in the Republic of Belarus; collaborating with HR. The company’s reputation assures the success and stability of its workforce.

Recruitment agency of Natalia Zotova and Daria Ivchenko

The Natalia Zotova and Daria Ivchenko Recruitment Agency has been helping businesses fill a wide range of positions with qualified candidates since 2004. For more than 7 years, however, the agency has focused exclusively on choosing IT employees. Visit their website for additional details.

Work permit in Belarus

To legally operate in Belarus as a foreigner, you must first ensure that you have the necessary visa and authorization.

Types of Work Visas in Belarus

Foreign nationals may enter Belarus after securing the necessary visas. The following categories of visas are available:

  • Type B transit visa
  • Type C visa for 90-day short-term trips
  • Visa type D for extended stays
  • Employees who intend to work in Belarus for an extended period of time must apply for a Type D visa.

A work permit is also required for foreign workers before they may start working in Belarus. The name of this authorization is “Special Work Authorization in the Republic of Belarus.”

Requirements to Obtain Belarus Work Visas

Employers are responsible for assisting their foreign workers with obtaining work visas. There are a few crucial components that candidates must submit with their application. items consist of:

  • An active passport.
  • An employment letter.
  • A letter from a doctor.a character statement from the country of origin from the police.
  • A letter of approval for a work permit.
  • A letter of employment from the applicant’s employer is required. The applicant should have a copy of their passport photo to attach to the application along with a doctor’s note attesting to their good health.
  • A work visa is a distinct document from a work permit. The government will deem hiring of a worker who has a visa but no work permission to be illegal.

Application Method

An applicant should get a work permit from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations before beginning the application procedure for a work visa. Before entering the nation, employees must apply. There are requirements for things like:

  • a written employment agreement.
  • an academic resume.
  • the job description in its entirety.
  • a duplicate of the hiring company’s certificate of formation.

The work permit application process, like the visa application process, will call for assistance from the employer. See Recruitment Agencies in Austria for Foreigners.

The applicant may submit the required work visa application and any necessary attachments to the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) after receiving their work permit.

The nearest consulate should receive all supporting documentation. The visa holder may enter the nation and start working as a legitimate employee once their application has been approved.


It is crucial to have the necessary knowledge about foreign employment agencies in Belarus, how to apply for jobs in Belarus as a foreigner, the requirements to obtain a work visa and work permit in Belarus, and employment opportunities in Belarus before considering travel to this country. Before applying for a position with any recruitment firm, do thorough research.

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