Recruitment Agencies in Japan for Foreigners 2024/2025

If you wish to visit Japan but are concerned about finding employment agencies that can assist you in getting the job you want, then you should reconsider. No need to worry any longer; this post has you covered.

For your effective guidance, we have included pertinent information about the best foreign recruitment companies in Japan in this post.

Despite the difficulties businesses in Japan are facing, there are still work chances for foreigners in the nation because of the abundance of recruitment firms there. See Recruitment Agencies in Israel.

Because the hiring process is a crucial component that can assist businesses in finding and hiring competent personnel for their operations, recruitment firms in Japan have a significant role to play in the success of every organization.

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Can a foreigner still apply for a Job in Japan?

It is indeed feasible. You can work in nearly any place in Japan if you have the right degrees and some work experience. However, some occupations appear to draw more international employees than others, including the following:

English instructor

The most typical job for foreign workers is teaching English at cram schools. The minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Despite the competition and generally low pay, there are nearly always open positions.

Sales positions Local Japanese

businesses frequently hire foreign workers for positions such as international sales managers, sales support staff, and sales reps.

These positions are typically found in multinational corporations aiming to penetrate markets abroad, often in the banking or automotive sectors.


Large investment banks can afford to transfer employees or hire personnel from elsewhere. Other lucrative positions, such as those in the IT business, are supported by the banking industry as well.

Service personnel

It is feasible to work in the service sector if you have a working knowledge of Japanese and a valid visa (such as a spouse or Working Holiday visa).

Restaurants and caf├ęs in popular tourist regions, hotels and resorts, and other jobs in the tourism sector will all be more likely to hire foreign workers because of the value of their bilingualism.


Companies are delighted to hire international staff and keep the design portion of their operations domestically because Japan is known for its sophisticated engineering. The automotive sector would mostly require foreign engineers to design parts.

List of Recruitment Agencies In Japan for Foreigners 2024

Fair Inc.

This organization aids job seekers in finding full- and part-time employment in Japan. Their extensive network of businesses spans a number of industries, including IT, food & beverage, engineering, medicine, etc.

Japan’s RGF

Professional Recruitment

Over the years, they have accumulated a great deal of experience. They have aided in the placement of thousands of talent in many industries and disciplines.

Disco International Inc. (DI)

One of Japan’s top employment firms. Both employers and job seekers have received support with finding jobs from them.


They assist firms in acquiring talent to create profitable and purposeful businesses.

Nippon Shigoto

This online employment service provides jobs around Japan. They have both full-time and part-time recruitment strategies. Even contract jobs and temporary work are offered by them.

A job seeker can quickly look for employment relevant to his field or qualifications on this agency’s website. Additionally, Daijob has formed partnerships with other Japanese employment firms, which has greatly increased its reach.

How much do recruitment agencies charge in Japan?

Like the majority of businesses, recruitment firms charge for their services. This company charges up to 15 to 30% of the annual pay of the job applicant.

Although this is high, job seekers shouldn’t be concerned because they will undoubtedly assist you in negotiating a high wage because they will receive a percentage. They will profit more as your pay increases.


Japan is an excellent place to relocate. when thinking about moving there. Use the assistance of Japan recruitment firms for foreigners when thinking of moving there to prevent getting conned.  Use the comment section to ask any questions you may have about this subject.

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