Recruitment Agencies in Libya 2024/2025 for Foreigners & Citizens

Are you interested in learning more about Libyan recruitment agencies? Well, if you’re planning to relocate to Libya for a job, you need to also be aware of the local recruitment firms.

In order to help you find the one that will work best for you, we will be evaluating the Libyan 2023 Recruitment Agency on this page.

Libya, which is well-known for its mineral and petroleum output as well as its stable economy, offers a welcoming environment for both locals and visitors.

Expats from outside or recruitment agencies can both use Libya as a platform to showcase their talents. See Recruitment Agencies in Japan for Foreigners.

Libya employment agencies play a critical role in connecting international job seekers with local employers. These companies provide a forum where job seekers may look for openings that match their qualifications and skill set.

They also help businesses identify competent candidates for their open positions, advancing Libya’s economy as a whole.

2024 Libya Top Recruiting Agencies

Are you a Libyan citizen or a foreigner looking to make Libya your new home? Good news! The top Libyan employment firms are listed below:

  • RTC1 Recruitment Agencies, Libya.
  • Sapphire Recruitment Consultant Jobs,Libya
  • Micheal Recruiting Agencies,Libya
  • Dewan Consultant Services,Libya
  • Alert International Recruitment Services,Libya
  • The Bridge Associates, Libya
  • Tripoli Manpower Recruitment Agency
  • HEMFA Libya ,Tripoli.
  • LIBYAN Jobs Company
  • Saipem Libyan Branch
  • UNICEF Libya,Janzur, Libya.
  • UNHCR Office in Tripoli
  • Parallel Columns Company for Oil Services
  • Libyan News Agency( LANA)

What Job can a Foreigner get in Libya?

As petroleum accounts for the majority of Libya’s GDP growth and revenue, it is the country’s main source of income. Hence These sectors offer the majority of foreigners employment prospects.

Having a skill set and a degree in the oil business will be a terrific decision and step in realizing your ambition of living in Libya and earning more as an international expat.

Top websites with the Best Recruitment Jobs in Libya.

Finding your ideal career can be tedious and exhausting. Not to worry, here are the most well-liked job-hunting websites to find the top Libya hiring firms for 2023.

  • Bayt
  • Fuzu
  • LinkedIn
  • Expat
  • Monster
  • Ajarn

What Jobs Are in Demand in Libya?

If you’re a foreigner with a strong skill set, you can discover some intriguing career opportunities in Libya that pay opulent wages.

If you work as a corrosion engineer in Libya or as an area director, operations manager, security adviser, etc., various industries and companies in Libya offer you opportunities at various levels to advance your career.

How much is the monthly salary in Libya?

The economic situation in Libya is highly developed and stable. The company pays its employees a minimum wage of about 450 Libyan Dinars each month or $325 in USD.

Particularly for the majority of the nations in its vicinity where workers receive lower wages, this is rather alluring.


That concludes this discussion on Libyan Recruitment Agencies 2023/2024 for Foreigners and citizens. We think you now have knowledge of crucial details regarding Libyan employment agencies. You can contact us using the comment box if you have any additional questions about this subject.

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