Recruitment Agencies in Latvia for Foreigners and Citizens 2023

Recruitment companies are a smart choice if you’re a foreigner trying to find employment in Latvia because they provide a distinctive viewpoint on the local labor market.

The Latvian employment agency for citizens and foreigners will be the main subject of this article. This is to make your Job seeking process a smooth one.

In Latvia, employment agencies have developed into a crucial component of the labor market, serving both businesses and job seekers. See Recruitment Agencies in Kuwait for Foreigners and Citizens.

These organizations provide a link between employers and potential employees, assisting companies in finding the ideal personnel to suit their particular requirements.

Recruitment companies help both parties in a competitive employment market by streamlining the hiring process and delivering knowledgeable direction and advice.

They offer perceptions of the subtle cultural differences, language limitations, and professional standards that can be difficult for visitors to negotiate.

Additionally, to help international job seekers improve their chances of success, these organizations can provide a variety of services like resume and interview preparation, language lessons, and job search assistance.

Additionally, Latvian recruitment firms are adapting to meet the shifting demands of the workforce as remote work and the gig economy grow.

As they offer a more flexible approach to employment, they are increasingly offering services for startups, independent contractors, and freelancers.

Recruitment firms are revolutionizing the traditional employment market by utilizing technology and cutting-edge solutions, opening up new prospects for both employers and job seekers.

How to find a job in Latvia

In particular for foreigners unfamiliar with the local labor market, finding a job in Latvia might be difficult.

To obtain employment in Latvia, consider the following advice:

Use online job portals

Multitrabajos and Computrabajo, two well-liked job sites in Latvia, both provide a large selection of employment possibilities in a number of industries. You can register for a profile, post your résumé, and look for jobs that suit your qualifications.


Finding a job in Latvia requires extensive networking. To network with professionals in your field, go to job fairs, industry conferences, and social events. To widen your network, you might also join organizations for professionals and online communities. See Recruitment Agencies in Kazakhstan for Foreigners and Citizens.

Employment agencies

As was already said, employment agencies in Latvia are a great source of information for job seekers. They can provide advice on the job market and application procedure and have access to a wide selection of employment options.

Apply directly to businesses

You can do this by sending the HR department of businesses your résumé and cover letter. Look up businesses that need people with your expertise and skills, and then customize your application to meet the needs of each.

Take into account being an English teacher

In Latvia, working as a foreign teacher is a common career choice. Many universities and language institutions have openings for English teachers, and some merely need a TEFL certificate.

Freelance or remote labor is growing common in Latvia, particularly in industries like information technology, design, and content development. To uncover prospects for freelance employment, have a look at sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

Best recruitment agencies in Latvia

Here are some of the top recruitment agencies in Latvia, based on their reputation and experience:

  • Baltic Human Capital
  • CV-Online Latvia
  • WorkingDay Latvia
  • Arijus Global
  • Amrop
  • AON Latvia
  • Astorija Recruitment
  • Axinom
  • BDO Latvia Recruitment
  • ELKO Group

Remember that your unique requirements and preferred jobs will determine which recruitment agency is appropriate for you.

Before choosing an agency, it is always a good idea to look into a few different ones and evaluate their offerings, performance history, and client testimonials.


We think that by using the advice in this article, you can improve your chances of locating a job in Latvia that matches your qualifications and expertise. Keep in mind to customize your application for each job opportunity and to be persistent in your search for employment.

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