Recruitment Agencies in Malta for Foreigners and Citizens 2023/2024

Are you trying to find Malta-based employment agencies? Are you thinking about using a recruitment agency but unsure which top agencies in Malta to apply to? The best employment agencies in Malta that you will ever require are covered in this article, so keep reading. Continue reading!

Malta is an island country that is bordered to the east by Tunisia and to the south by Italy. There are roughly 500,000 residents, most of whom are foreigners.

The official language is Arabic, and the currency is the euro. The finest recruitment consultant for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. See Recruitment Agencies in Malawi for Foreigners and Citizens.

Working with a Malta recruiting agency has numerous advantages, one of which is having access to a bigger pool of prospective candidates.

Malta’s career opportunities

Malta, a member of the European Union, has a thriving economy and a wide variety of employment options across several industries. Workers are in high demand across a range of industries in Malta, including:


Malta’s manufacturing sector is strong and includes a large representation of the textile, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Financial services

A number of international banks and financial services companies are based in Malta, offering a range of work opportunities in banking and finance.


Malta’s tech sector is growing, and there are many companies there working on projects like software development, data analytics, and internet marketing.


Malta has a well-developed healthcare system, and there are numerous hospitals and clinics that offer a range of employment options for healthcare workers.


Due to the island’s warm climate, stunning beaches, and extensive cultural history, Malta has a thriving tourism industry. Working with hotels, restaurants, and tour operators are just a few of the many job opportunities available in the tourist sector.

To be able to work in Malta, you must need a work permit from your employer. You will also need a residency permit, which allows you to stay in Malta permanently. See Recruitment Agencies in Latvia for Foreigners and Citizens.

List of recruitment agencies in Malta 2023

The large pool of possible candidates that recruiting organizations have access to may make it easier to find the best candidate for the job.

Check out the list of active employment agencies in Malta.

  • Reed Recruitment Malta
  • GRS Recruitment
  • G Staff Services Ltd
  • Archer IT Recruitment Malta
  • M Recruitment Agency
  • Jobsinmalta
  • Recruitment Malta
  • Unify Ltd.
  • BROADWING Recruitment
  • Betting Connections Recruitment Solutions
  • Europe Recruitment
  • Malta International Recruiting Agency Ltd
  • Manpower, Malta
  • Ceek
  • Konnekt
  • Accelerate Finance & Legal Recruitment
  • Triple 3 Group

Researching High Demand Jobs in Malta

If you’re looking for a rewarding position with opportunities for promotion, Malta is the place to be. This industrialized country is leading the world in a variety of areas, encouraging growth for everyone with a stake in it. The top six positions in Malta are listed below for your consideration.

  • Blockchain Developer
  • iGaming Expert
  • IT Specialist
  • Financial Service Expert
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Hotel Manager


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