Recruitment Agencies in Mauritania for Foreigners and Citizens 2023/2024

Do you want to know what kinds of employment agencies exist in Mauritania? Do you wish to discover a list of Mauritania’s employment agencies for both foreigners and locals? No worries; simply read this article through to the end for the answers to all of your queries.

Mauritania is a country in Northwest Africa with a population of approximately 4.6 million. The nation’s capital is Nouakchott. The country has traditionally acted as a centripetal force in forging a national culture due to its excellent location.

The recruiting firms in Mauritania are experts at helping employers find and hire skilled candidates for open positions. See Recruitment Agencies in Malta for Foreigners and Citizens.

These businesses usually work with a range of industries and can accommodate workforce needs that are permanent, temporary, or contract-based.

In order to find people and connect them with job openings, they frequently keep a database of resumes and job searchers.

Additional services offered by some employment firms in Mauritania could include support with job placement, career coaching, and compensation negotiations.

While some organizations might be more specialized and deal with a variety of companies and job positions, others might be more general.

What kinds of employment agencies are there in Mauritania?

In Mauritania, there are many different types of recruiting firms that can help employers discover and hire employees. The following are examples of typical employment agency categories:

Temporary staffing companies

These businesses provide businesses with temporary staff to cover absences, workload peaks, or special projects.

Firms that specialize in permanent placement

These companies help companies fill roles that will last a long time. The hiring process is typically handled entirely by the agency, including posting the position, screening applications, and holding interviews.

Executive search firms

These organizations focus on assisting corporations in locating top-tier executives and management staff. The business typically pays the firm in advance to use its services when they work on a retained basis, which is how they are frequently employed.

Contract staffing companies

These companies provide temporary personnel to corporations, typically for specific projects or assignments.

Diversity recruiting agencies

These businesses specialize in locating and appointing individuals from a variety of backgrounds in a variety of industries.

They might focus on employing members of underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, or people with disabilities.

Specialty employment firms

Niche firms are staffing agencies that concentrate on filling specialist positions in industries like IT, engineering, or healthcare.

Recruitment agencies in Mauritania can also be classified as either public or private depending on whether they are owned by the government or a private company.

Recruitment Agencies in Mauritania

Check out the list of the top recruitment agencies in Mauritania for foreigners and citizens below

  • Target Recruitment & HR Solutions
  • Beta Conseils
  • ZH recruitment
  • Airswift
  • Tangent International Ltd
  • Altea Energy
  • UTM Consultants Ltd
  • Pnet (Pty) Ltd
  • Yotspot – Yachting Opportunities & Training

Employment laws in Mauritania

The laws governing employment compliance in Mauritania set limits on working hours. In non-agricultural businesses, employees are only allowed to work a maximum of eight hours each day and forty hours each week.

Employees are required to take a weekly 24-hour break on Fridays, with certain exemptions. Overtime laws are set by decrees from the Ministry of Labor or by collective bargaining agreements.

Each new Mauritania employee that you employ must sign a working contract. When you’ve finished, you need to register them with the CNSS and your local government.

You need to gather copies of their diploma, criminal record, two ID photos, birth certificate, and more before they can start. See Recruitment Agencies in Malawi for Foreigners and Citizens.


With the knowledge provided above, we hope you were able to distinguish between the many categories of recruitment agencies in Mauritania, the employment law, and more in this post. You can ask any questions you may have about this subject in the comment box, and we will respond.

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