Recruitment Agencies in Serbia for Foreigners 2024/2025 and Citizens

Are you an international expat who is curious about the requirements for hiring foreigners and international expats in Serbia? Or perhaps you’re curious about the Serbian job with the highest salary. This article is for you if so! You may find everything you need to know about Serbian employment agencies here.

The top job recruitment firms in Serbia that offer reasonable services and supply recent employment for locals and visitors to Laos will be included below. let’s get started!

South East Europe is home to the nation of Serbia. Agriculture, the automotive sector, machinery, mining, and energy production make up its main industries. See Recruitment Agencies in San Marino for Foreigners and Citizens.

Because of Serbia’s gorgeous scenery, lovely national parks, bustling towns, and excellent spas, tourists are drawn to the country.

Getting a job in Serbia as a citizen or as an international expat has never been simpler. Foreigners can easily find jobs in Serbia with the aid of many international recruitment companies in Serbia.

Best Recruiting Agencies in Serbia for Citizens and Foreigners 2024

There are several top-rated recruiting firms in Serbia that provide the best employment possibilities, including:

  • Oman Agencies
  • Adecco Serbia
  • Procrew Recruitment Agency
  • Morson d.o.o Beograd
  • Walton International Search Associates
  • Kouzon Recruitment Serbia
  • Trenkwalder
  • Manpower Group
  • Uspinjaca Posao Belgrade Serbia
  • GI Group HR Solutions
  • Kaka Lounge Employment agency
  • Feron Employment
  • Boss World Duo.
  • Safe Cruise Agency
  • Stanton Chase Executive Search Belgrade, Serbia
  • Primus Group HRM d.o.o
  • Omnes Group
  • Workforce Serbia

Requirement for Job Recruitment for International expats and Foreigners in Serbia.

There are important prerequisites you will need if you are a foreigner looking for work in Serbia.

A valid working permit must be obtained from the government and takes at least two days to process. It is given out for a certain time period (between three and twelve months, depending on the type of job).

certification for the necessary job

a valid residency card

a strong ability in communicating, which is necessary for interaction.

What is the most-paid job in Serbia?

Engineering is among the highest-paying professions in Serbia, both for locals and foreign workers. Professional engineers make roughly $34,000 a year in Serbia, whereas positions like accounting pay $6800.

With a developing economy like Serbia’s, it is understandable why expats, visitors, and immigrants looking for better opportunities are becoming increasingly attracted to the country.


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