Recruitment Agencies in Seychelles for Foreigners and Citizens 2024/2025

Are Seychelles recruitment agencies anything you’re looking for? Seychelles is one of the most industrialized nations in Africa and a popular travel destination for people looking for work.

How can a foreigner find employment in the Seychelles? What occupations are offered in the Seychelles? These are the inquiries that this post will try to answer.

We would also include the top Seychelles recruitment firms and the most sought-after positions in Seychelles for international nationals. So, be sure to read this post all the way through. See Recruitment Agencies in Serbia for Foreigners.

About Recruitment Agencies

In major companies that they deal with in Seychelles, recruitment agencies assist job seekers in obtaining temporary or contract positions.

In addition to providing services for temporary and contract hiring, several recruiting companies also offer executive search recruitment services for senior and managerial levels.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Seychelles 2024

This is a Seychelles manpower recruitment agency that has received government approval.

Seychelles employment division

The major duty of the Labor Migration Division is to oversee the efficient administration of non-Seychellois employment in the Seychelles.

The Labour Migration Division has the following responsibilities:

  • Considering applications from non-Seychellois for employment
  • regular visits to local organizations to check on the status of the Localization Plan and Policy’s implementation
  • Making sure that employers attestation the employment contracts for non-Seychellois
  • confirming that all contracts for the hiring of non-Seychelles citizens are in compliance with the Hiring Act of 1995
  • Maintaining constant communication with the Immigration Division and other parties involved in the hiring of non-Seychellois
  • Ensuring the well-being of non-Seychellois employees in the country.

Job Plus (Seychelles) Pty Ltd.

The Seychelles city of Victoria is home to Job Plus (Seychelles) Pty Ltd. The company is engaged in the business activities of hiring organizations and human resources.

HEG Employment (Pty) Ltd.

Roche Caiman, Seychelles is home to HEG Employment (Pty) Ltd. The organization is engaged in the business activities of hiring organizations and human resources.

How to get a job in Seychelles  as a foreigner

The majority of businesses typically use social media or their official websites to advertise their open positions, while some also work with recruitment agencies. By visiting a few websites, you might also discover job openings.

You have a chance of finding employment in Seychelles by using the websites listed below.  You should check out these websites since you never know what you might discover or what connections you might establish from a straightforward email or application.

You’ve probably heard of Career Jet, I’m sure. For the Seychelles, there are several choices for job searching.

Glassdoor: Glassdoor offers a variety of employment options, particularly in the Seychelles’ tourism sector.

Caterer Global: Caterer Global has a reliable job board.

Hosco: There are many jobs in the hospitality industry in Hosco.


The Seychelles, which has a tiny population and is one of the more developed African nations, maybe the ideal place to settle and work in Africa due to these factors.

Getting a job in the country can be made easy by using any of the recruitment agencies listed above. Please use the comment box if you have any additional questions on this subject.

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