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In this article, I am going to be showing you all that you need to know about Gift cards and their use in Laos. If you are in this country or you are planning to send it to somebody within the country, ensure that you read this article carefully before you proceed. The Best Gift Card in Laos is all you need to make thoughtful gifting.

In Laos, the use of Gift Cards has gained more attention in recent years as an alternative method of presenting gifts.

With the country’s evolving retail market and growing disposable income, these cards have become a more convenient and flexible choice for anyone giving or receiving gifts. See Best Gift Card in Guyana.

One of their well-known benefits is the convenience they offer to shoppers. Instead of spending time searching for the perfect gift for someone, one can simply purchase them and allow their loved one to choose what they truly desire. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that the gifts received are genuinely wanted.

Businesses in Laos also benefit from the cards. They contribute to the revenue increase in the country. They have found their way into the business world in Laos. See Best Gift Card in Germany

Many companies use them as incentives for their employees and also as rewards for exceptional performance or as recognition for achieving specific milestones.

When used as an incentive, businesses can motivate their employees and show appreciation for their hard work.

If you want to get more detailed information about Best Gift Card in Laos, continue to read this article.

What currency does Laos use?

The local currency in Laos is the Kip which is issued in denominations of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 & 100,000 Kip notes.

Although Laos’s official currency is the Kip, the US Dollar is widely accepted in many transactions, so we recommend taking some US Dollars in cash.

iTune Gift Cards in Laos

If you are in Laos and looking to purchase an iTunes gift card, you may be wondering where you can find one. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to find an iTunes card for sale in Laos, as they are not commonly sold in the country.

However, there are a few options to consider. One option is to try purchasing an iTunes card online from an international retailer that offers delivery to Laos.

This may be more expensive than purchasing a card in person, but it is a way to obtain an iTunes card if you need it.

Overall, another option is to look for alternative gift cards that can be used for digital purchases, such as Google Play or Amazon gift cards.

These may be more widely available in Laos and can still be used for purchasing apps, music, and other digital content.

Best Gift in Laos

If you are thinking of what to buy for someone in Laos, here are the most valued gift items and specialties in the country:

1. Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre ·

2. Garden of Eden ·

3. Tai Baan ·

4. Houey Hong Vocational Training

5. Vintage Rattan Woven Baskets

The 10 Best Laos Traditional Souvenirs & Gifts

Phaa Sin

Phaa sin – a wraparound skirt worn with a silver belt is the traditional dress of Lao women. You can see Lao students within, your Laos school trips, tend to wear the wraparound skirt, that’s the reason why Phaa sin and their belts make popular souvenirs and nowadays are widely available in most markets and small shops around the country (especially in the Morning Market of Vientiane).

They are all carefully originated using techniques that have been honed and developed in the country since the 14th century.

Hand-made Home Decor Items

The perfect combination of rustic wood and creative, skillful artists creates unique wood artworks, luxury home decor, and unique furniture.

These wine glass holders surely brighten up the living space and raise inspiration for their owners. Travelers from the USA & Canada can acquire an amazing item after the trip cause it is recently available on Amazon.


From simple to aesthetic and highly unspiritual, carvings in Laos are a wide variety of impressive pieces made of wood, bone, and stone.

Lao craftsmen can carve all things in their daily life or their belief. For instance, religious imagery and figures such as Buddha provide the subject and source of inspiration, but authentic optimum pipes that are for ornamental purposes are full of mundaneness.

However, ivory carvings will be banned and confiscated by most countries if found in your luggage, so be a smart customer to protect our natural environment.


There are many antique stores opened around the bigger cities of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Savannaket. In all these stores, tourists can find clothes, Asian pottery, musical instruments, or even carvings and ancient coins.

Please notice that all these antiques are not for sale or souvenirs, they are for show off only. Fines are enforced on those caught trying to leave the country with Lao antiques or Buddhist artifacts.


The majority of jewelry shops are to be found along Samsenthai Street and trade primarily in silver and gold. The crafting of gold and silver jewelry is another skill that several hill tribes in Laos excel in.

Thousands of years ago, they used gold and silver for portable wealth or inheritance purposes. Lao gold is known for its 99.99% purity and is sold at a set price per gram.

Visitors can get plenty of gemstones, gold or silver pieces of jewelry designed and customized by themselves. And it is worth remembering that jewelry here is not a cheap souvenir.


When taking a Laos tour package, do not forget to bring some coffee back for the souvenir. Laos is known as the best place in Southeast Asia to grow coffee.

Laos Coffee is sometimes called Paksong since it is usually cultivated around the town of Paksong on the Boloven Plateau.

The duty-free shop in Savannakhet offers a wide choice of Lao beans so tourists can find the flavored coffee that they wish to try or take away.


Luang Prabang’s markets also deal in handicrafts or some other souvenirs. You can take part in a night market such as Thalat Sonpao or Thalat Dalat, where Laotian ethnic minorities show and sell their handicrafts. Visitors can find some unique mementos like hand-sewn bedding, bags, rings, and even accessories.

Weaving Silk (Textiles)

Silk is woven by traditional methods in small workshops or homes throughout the country. The art of weaving is still much more than a home industry, which makes the smallest communities own the finest silk and cotton weavers in the world.

Textiles in Laos are used in the ceremony as identifiers thousands of years ago, so they are sent as a gift for ceremonial purposes such as birth or marriage.

Traditional designs and patterns change from place to place and the best area to buy is direct from the weavers in every village although they can be found in most markets, hotels or stores around Laos.


Another tradition – shawl – is an age-old cotton fabric production. Classic designs and patterns of shawls include symbols like diamonds, birds, snakes, elephants, and other animals and flowers.

Shawls are the second way of wearing woven, which can be silk or cotton blended with silk brocading. Visitors can buy Shawls at every corner of Laos, they are shown in prosperous markets of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Sam Neua areas, or local markets around the country.

Art Paintings

Paintings made by local artists are worth buying when you are doing a tour in Laos. They are easily picked up at night markets and often sold by the river.

If you wish to buy something in Laos for souvenirs, paintings are deserved to be on the top list. However, if visitors desire something of high quality, going to the galleries or some exhibition is a better choice. Most paintings at the Art School of the National University are also a talent decision.


First uncovered in 1970 at a construction site in the Vientiane Area, Laos ceramics was professionally developed throughout history.

When in Laos, ceramic will be a graceful choice for souvenirs, since most of them are handmade productions of local people.

Tourists can buy flower vases or bracelets for their friends and family, they can be shown at Night Market or many local markets all around the country.

I hope you have found this article useful, in case of further inquiries about Best Gift Cards in Laos, kindly make use of the comment section below.

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