What is Gift Card Used For? | Uses of Gift Cards

Do you want to know the major uses of gift cards? If yes, follow this article carefully to the end. Gift cards are prepaid cards or digital vouchers that are designed for the purpose of shopping and payment of bills on different platforms.

Every gift card is designed for a particular purpose and some of them can only be used on those platforms which they were invented for.

For example, Google Play Gift Card is used for purchasing Google products and Services on their Play Store platform for Androids. This implies that it cannot be used on other online stores apart from the one it is designed for.

In this article, I am going to be giving you knowledge on what gift cards are used for. Ensure you take every piece of information contained here very seriously.

Different Uses Of Gift Cards

There are various uses for gift cards whether to the card issuers or the gift card recipients.

1. To Promote Business

Gift card issuers’ first goal when they issue gift cards is basically to promote their business. Gift cards are a great way to make more sales, especially with people appreciating it as a gifting option.

2. To Reward Employees

Most companies and businesses use gift cards as incentives for their employees. This is basically to motivate them and appreciate them for their work. Gift card incentives can be done monthly as stipends or especially to recognize certain talents.

3. To Reward Loyal Customers

Another gift card use is to reward customers that patronize often. This is a great way to increase patronage from existing customers and attract new ones.

4. To Buy Items And Services

The major use of gift cards by buyers is to use them as a payment method for their purchases. You can use a gift card in-store or online to purchase anything you want.

This includes products and services offered by different businesses including retailers, restaurants, fuel stations, and many more.

5. To Use As Gifts

This particular use has led to the popularity of gift cards worldwide. Many people prefer to give out gift cards during the holiday season or on special occasions like birthdays. It’s easy to purchase and redeem for the recipients.

6. To Escape Credit Card Charges

Gift cards can help with your budgeting. If you have a particular amount target you want to spend in a month, gift cards can come in. Instead of making purchases that amount with every transaction incurring extra charges, get a gift card of that worth and use it instead.

7. To Save Money For Future Use

There are certain gift cards that do not come with expiration dates. You can purchase a good number of them and keep them for future purposes.

8. To Exchange For Cash

As a Nigerian based in the country, this is my best use. You can make some money by selling your gift cards for cash. There are so many unused gift cards globally according to reports.

Most gift card brands are not situated in Nigeria. The best use for gift cards here is to trade them on the best gift card trading platforms. Do you have an unused Best Buy gift card lying around? Now is the time to sell your Best Buy gift card for cash.

Benefits Of Gift Cards

  1. They are great payment substitutes. On days when you don’t want to use credit cards for whatever reason, they save the day.
  2. Worried about gifting the right item? Gift cards to the rescue. Especially when you purchase a gift card that has access to a variety of items, you’ve successfully left the worrying to the recipient. A great example is the Amazon gift card.
  3. Gift cards are so convenient to buy and use. You can easily buy gift cards online and get them delivered to your email or SMS.
  4. Gift cards are also safe to use. In case of theft or loss, you can request a replacement card as long as you have your receipt.

Can Gift Cards Be Used As Money?

Gift cards are prepaid cards that function like your ATM card. This enables you to pay for products or services at stores that support the card. Therefore these cards are used in place of money because they are digital assets with true value.

For instance, you can use a Jumia gift card instead of money to shop at the Jumia store. Moreover, you can give people gift cards as a gift to loved ones, enabling them to shop for themselves, as gift cards are better than regular gifts.

Gift cards allow the recipient to use the card with preferred options – whether to shop with the card or sell the gift card for cash. See Walmart Gift Card.

I hope that you have seen vital information in this article. In case you have any other questions about the use of gift cards, kindly make use of the comment section.

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