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Are you a resident of Canada looking for how to share gifts with your families, friends, and loved ones? Thinking of the best gift to get? Don’t worry, I am going to share the best gift ideas for those in the country of Canada. It is recommended that you always make use of the best gift card in Canada for all kinds of events.

In Canada, the tradition of gifting is deeply ingrained, and gift cards have become an integral part of this culture. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, Canadians love to express their appreciation through the act of gifting.

With a wide array of gift cards available, individuals can easily find the perfect present to suit their loved ones’ preferences. See Best Gift Card for Pastors.

The convenience of gift cards also appeals to both givers and recipients, as they eliminate the stress of choosing the right gift and provide the freedom to shop at one’s own convenience.

In this post, I will be giving detailed information about the Best Gift Card in Canada. If you are interested in knowing more about this, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

Best Gift Card in Canada

The following are the best and most popular gift cards in Canada for 2023:

Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card is a popular gift card in the global market. This is owed to its issuance by Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform resident in the United States. Hence, the use of an Amazon gift card has become popular.

You can use the Amazon gift card to buy your preferred product(s) on the Amazon store instead of using other payment options. See Top Online Shopping Sites in Canada.

These cards exist in physical and digital forms, with 14 alphanumeric characters. You will enter these characters on your Amazon account to redeem your gift card for purchase on the Amazon store.

The denominations of Amazon gift cards in Canada range from 5 CAD to 500 CAD. You can buy any of these card values to shop on the Amazon store or subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. You can also choose to sell Amazon gift cards for cash if you want to trade your card.

Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift cards are a gift card with its perks as it positions itself as a viable card to hold. This gift card lets its holder conveniently shop at the Walmart store.

There is a proliferation of Walmart stores in Canada. Therefore, this is a great gift to give loved ones to earn their satisfaction and appreciation.

Walmart gives its users gift cards to buy products like groceries, gadgets, or furniture at any Walmart store in Canada. Here, you do not need to hold cash; your Walmart gift card is more than cash to make your preferred purchases.

You can get Walmart gift cards at a value that ranges from $5 to $250. An alternative option to using the card outside shopping at the Walmart store is to sell Walmart gift cards at the best gift rates.

iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card is one of Canada’s most popular gift cards and, by extension, globally.

This gift card is issued by Apple, which is the world’s most valuable company domiciled in the United States.

An iTunes gift card is a sister gift card to Apple gift cards. These cards are owned by Apple but are believed to offer varying functions.

While you can use an iTunes gift card to buy digital content like software or subscribe to iTunes Music on the Apple store, you can use an Apple gift card to buy physical products like Apple phones, MacBooks, Apple headsets, etc., on the Apple store.

Furthermore, an iTunes gift card exists in physical and digital forms. These cards vary from $10 to $100 in the denomination. But you can sell iTunes gift cards for cash if you don’t want to redeem your products at Apple.

Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift card is a popular gift card among Android mobile users that access the Google Play Store. Google issues this card in both physical and digital forms in Canada.

Similar to using your iTunes gift card to access any content on the Apple store, you can use your Google Play gift card to access millions of content on the Google Play Store. These include gaming content, entertainment, office tools, music, movies, etc.

Google Play gift cards are in denominations that range from $10 to $200 in Canada. You can redeem the card on your Google Play account or sell Google Play gift cards at the best rate.

Starbucks Gift Card

A Starbucks gift card is a restaurant gift card in Canada. This card lets you buy coffee, tea, and other refreshers from Starbucks stores and other stores supporting the gift card.

You can give your loved one a relishing treat with a Starbucks gift card, enabling them to savor their taste with foods and drinks.

Also, you can customize this card to your preference to tailor the value and the gift content to someone to make them feel special.

Starbucks gift cards are available in Canada in denominations that range from $5 to $100 – allowing you to enjoy great refreshments. But you can also sell Starbucks gift cards for cash as an alternative option if you do not want to redeem the card.

Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card is a prepaid card with many functions. Visa is a popular payment card provider, and it issues the Visa gift card to enhance online payment at various stores.

You can use a Visa gift card in Canada over your phone, online, at your favorite stores, or at restaurants that accept Visa cards as a payment method.

This gift card is available in denominations from $10 to $1,000 – which is its maximum loading amount. But because this card holds a real-time value to make payments, you can decide to sell Visa gift cards at excellent to make money.

Mastercard Gift Card

Mastercard gift card is another notable payment card that is preloaded in Canada. Mastercard, a globally renowned payment card provider like Visa, issued this card. This gift card can pay for products or services at physical and online stores.

The card is available in Canada for use at any location that supports Mastercard as a payment method. Mastercard gift cards are available in denominations that range from $10 to $500.

Sephora Gift Card

A Sephora gift card is one of the gift cards of the highest value because of its wide array of importance. Sephora, an online store under the LMVH conglomerate, issued this card. As such, you can use your Sephora gift card to buy different products at the Sephora store.

These include cosmetics, makeup products, shoes, bags, etc. This is why ladies love to have Sephora gift cards because the card gives them one-stop access to different products in the store.

Sephora gift cards exist in physical and digital forms, with the denominations available in $25, $50, and $100 in Canada.

This card has the best gift card rates; therefore, you can make some profits when you sell Sephora gift cards instead of redeeming the card at its store. See Best BIN for Carding

Netflix Gift Card

Netflix is a popular streaming site worldwide, enabling you to binge your favorite movie or documentary. The global coverage of this site has inspired its issuance of a Netflix gift card that you can use to make a subscription as the best alternative to other payment options.

Netflix gift cards are widely used in Canada as digital cards with varying values.

The cards are available in denominations between $20 and $100. This is an ideal gift card to give to someone or pay for your Netflix subscription.

However, you can choose to sell Netflix gift cards for cash if you receive the card as a gift and you do not wish to redeem it.

Best Buy Gift Card

A Best Buy gift card gives you an excellent technology and entertainment experience when you hold the card. In essence, this is a best-fit gift card for a tech enthusiast. Therefore, you can be sure that someone avidly passionate about technology would love this card as a gift.

You can use a Best Buy gift card to buy a wristwatch, camera, or a set of headphones. With this gift card, you can buy fans, dishwashers, vacuums, etc.

This gift card is available in denominations between $25 and $500, and you can sell Best Buy gift cards for cash if you are not willing to redeem the card.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Canada

  1. Walmart: Walmart is a well-known retail giant in Canada, offering a wide range of products including gift cards. At Walmart, you can find a diverse selection of gift cards from various brands, allowing you to choose the perfect gift for any occasion.
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart: Shoppers Drug Mart is a leading pharmacy chain in Canada that also offers an extensive range of gift cards. Whether you’re looking for gift cards from popular fashion brands, beauty stores, or online retailers, Shoppers Drug Mart has you covered.
  3. Canadian Tire: Canadian Tire is a well-established retailer in Canada, known for its wide range of products spanning home goods, automotive supplies, and outdoor equipment. They also offer a variety of gift cards from popular brands, making it a great place to find gift cards that cater to different interests.
  4. Best Buy: Alongside their vast selection of electronics, they also offer an impressive range of gift cards from popular tech brands, gaming platforms, and streaming services. If you’re looking to gift someone the latest gadgets or digital entertainment subscriptions, Best Buy is an excellent choice to find the perfect gift card.
  5. Chapters Indigo: Chapters Indigo is a bookstore in Canada, offering a wide range of books, stationery, home décor, and more. They also provide a selection of gift cards that allow recipients to explore and choose from a vast collection of books, magazines, and lifestyle products.

How Much is Canada Amazon Gift Card in Naira?

Currently, the rates for Canada Amazon gift cards on Cardvest are:

  • A $50 Canada Amazon gift card is valued at NGN14,500 Naira.
  • A $100 Canada Amazon gift card is valued at NGN29,000 Naira.
  • A $200 Canada Amazon gift card is valued at NGN58,000 Naira.
  • A $500 Canada Amazon gift card is valued at NGN145,000 Naira.

How Much is Canada Apple Gift Card in Naira?

As of the current rates, the value of Canada Apple gift cards on Cardvest are:

  • A $100 Canada iTunes gift card is worth NGN90,000 Naira.
  • A $200 Canada iTunes gift card is worth NGN180,000 Naira.
  • A $500 Canada iTunes gift card is worth NGN360,000 Naira.

How Much is Canada Steam Gift Card in Naira?

Based on the current rates, here are the values of Canada Steam gift cards on Cardvest:

  • A $100 Canada Steam gift card is worth NGN90,000 Naira.
  • A $100 Canada Steam e-code gift card is worth NGN95,000 NairaNaira.
  • A $200 Canada Steam gift card is worth NGN64,000 Naira.
  • A $200 Canada Steam e-code gift card is worth NGN66,000 Naira.
  • A $500 Canada Steam gift card is worth NGN160,000 Naira.

Please note that these rates are subject to change and may vary over time. It is always recommended to check the most up-to-date rates using the gift card rate calculator before making any transactions.

I hope you have found this article helpful. In case of any other questions about the Best Gift Card in Canada, make sure you make use of the comment section below this article.

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