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If you have Target Gift Card in your wallet that you would like to change to cash and you do not know how to do it, make sure you take every information in this article. In this article, I will be giving general information on how to turn target gift card into cash. The methods that are involved in converting the gift card to money are straightforward.

Target Gift Cards are majorly used at Target enterprises and stores. You can also use them online at Despite the voraciousness of a lot of gift cards and debit cards in general, the target gift cards cannot be used to buy prepaid or specialty gift cards.

As I said above, Target Gift Cards are mostly used at Target stores, therefore, whenever you purchase a Target Gift Card at the Target store, it will be activated and ready for use at the point of purchase. See How to Turn Amazon Gift Card into Cash.

If you would like to exchange your Target card for cash and still find the process difficult, just read this article for more detailed information on how to turn Target gift card to cash.

How To Convert Your Target Gift Card for Cash

There are numerous ways you can exchange your Target gift card for cash or spend your remaining balance. Some of these ways include;

Listing the gift card on an e-marketplace

List your used gift card on:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Craigslist

Listing your Target gift card on one of these websites is a fast way to get cash for your gift card. Facebook marketplace place for example will offer you millions of people who might be interested in buying the gift card then you can ask for a direct bank deposit.

Through A Refund: One of the few ways you can turn your target gift card to cash is through a refund. However, allow us to explain to you that it is not as easy as you might think, and you would need to put in a little extra work.

The sense behind the refund, in this case, is that you would need to purchase something from target and later have to return it and ask for a refund in cash.

So if you have a target gift card, you would need to purchase something a bit higher than the gift card balance as that is the only way it would be taken as a cash transaction. See How to Check Target Gift Card Balance.

For instance, if your gift card balance is $300, you can decide to buy something worth $330. You’ll need to add extra $30 cash.

Then, you will be given a receipt for the transaction, and you need to keep it safe as you will need it when you decide to do a refund.

Then, you would keep the item safely for some days, but make sure you return it within 14 days. If Target is considering doing a refund, they will give you cash since you paid some money in cash. This option will actually be perfect and work well for people who are not in urgent need of cash.

Ask a friend,  or asked for someone who sell on a reseller website:  There are many of reseller websites out there, but they will not pay you the complete worth of your card. Before selling your gift card this way, do thorough research so that you get the best deal

Buy items from Target and resell them online: You can get a product from Target with your card and then sell it on one of marketplaces like Facebook, eBay and others.

This option could be profitable, you could buy a particular product at a discounted price and resell it on other marketplaces.

Make use of gift card exchange kiosk or website

A good option for where you can exchange gift cards for cash is Gift Card Granny. As an aggregator of sites that let you sell gift cards online, you simply enter the gift card you want to sell and your balance.
It will then show you a list of sites that will pay you for this gift card.

Redeem Your Target Gift Card To Cash

Since the range of a Target Gift Card is from $5 to $500, in case of a withdrawal of this amount or the redemption of the card to cash in respect to the range would need to at least know the balance left on your card.

By Phone

Simply dial 800-544-2943 – Target Gift Card – to get info on your balance as well as updates on your last five transactions.


To go through with this, you have to create a Target account if you haven’t created one. Afterward, upon a visit to your Target account, perform the actions below:

  • Navigate to your Account/Name.
  • Click on Gift Cards.
  • Review your Gift Cards: After you take step 2, select ‘check your balance. Now, enter your Target Gift Card number as well as the PIN.

Most Gift Cards still require some series of digits and codes before your balance info can be accessed. The blissful feature of the Target Gift Card is that the imputation of such codes isn’t essential for all kinds of Target Gift Cards (both physical and eGift cards).

Step-By-Step Guide To Redeeming Target Gift Cards For Cash

Now, to the redemption of your Target Gift Card for cash. A different thing is to own a Gift Card. Another thing is to own cash.

It is however a very different thing to own cash that was cashed out of your Gift Card. To get the money worth of your Target Gift Card out as cash, there are steps to take and rules to follow.

At this point, I need your maximum concentration as I will be listing out these rules one at a time coupled with detailed explanations.

GET YOURSELF A TARGET ACCOUNT: Picture this — You are at the airport with your entire luggage. You stay calmly in the queue and when your turn comes around, you are asked to show your visa and passport. You checked yourself for your visa but couldn’t find it.

Alas! You forgot your visa in the hotel cab that brought you to the airport. I tell you this, no matter how lenient the security and airport attendants are, you can never board that plane.

It is a standard protocol. No visa, no flight. The same ideology goes with the redemption of your Target Gift Card— No Target account, No card redemption.

If you wish to redeem your Target Gift Card for cash, you should be ready to create an account on Target. It is non-stressful.

You can either use the app or their website online (both have been mentioned above). It doesn’t make a difference, as long as you are ready, you’re good to go.

VISIT A TARGET STORE: On a normal basis, Target as a trade organization won’t permit the return of its Gift Card for cash without a go-ahead by the law.

However, there is a trade-in program the company offers. In this program, you are permitted to exchange your Gift Card with another with the balance on it. You only need to visit a close by Target store by making use of the Store locator.

Whatever store you choose, ensure they participate in this program (Trade-in-program). Go to the electronic department to speak with the store associate.

The store associate would scan your Target Gift Card to see your balance (this is yet another method of checking your balance) and hence know how much they’d give you for the Target Gift Card. It is then that you get to redeem your Target Gift Card for cash.

I hope you seen vital information in this article. In case of any other questions about How to Turn a Target Gift Card into Cash, kindly make use of the comment section.

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