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Macy’s gift is just every other gift card that is commonly used in different parts of the world. Macy’s Gift Card is designed for a particular purpose and that purpose for which it was designed is where it is useful. The card can be purchased through online stores and can also be available in physical stores.

Macy’s Gift cards are available in different forms; digital gift cards and physical gifts. You can make use if any of the available forms. In this article, you are going to see a lot many information about Macy’s Gift Card. Kindly read carefully to the end for more details.

What is Macy’s Gift Card?

Macy’s gift cards are a means of payment in Macy’s stores. They serve as a perfect gift for loved ones who you can’t figure out their gift preference. It is a prepaid gift card that is used as a substitute for cash or debit and credit cards to make payments only in Macy’s stores. 

Macy’s Gift Card is a plastic or digital gift card pre-loaded (also known as an eGift card) with a monetary value.

You may purchase this gift card on and use it to purchase goods at any Macy’s or online at See iTunes Gift Card.

What is a Macy’s Gift Card Used For?

A Macy’s gift card can be used to purchase any products at Macy’s department stores or on the Macy’s website. This includes clothing, accessories, home goods, and more.

The gift card can be used as a form of payment at the checkout counter, or the card’s balance can be applied to an online order. If the purchase exceeds the balance on the gift card, the remaining amount can be paid with another form of payment.

Some Macy’s gift cards may also be used at certain other retailers that accept Macy’s gift cards as a form of payment.

It’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions on the back of the gift card or on the Macy’s website for more information about how the gift card can be used.

Where to Buy Macy’s Gift Cards

You can buy them offline from all Macy’s stores in the USA. You can also buy Macy’s e-gift cards from the following online stores:

  • Macy’s store

How to purchase Macy’s gift cards?

Macy’s gift cards can be purchased at any Macy’s store or online at It might interest you to know that you can reload your Macy’s gift card, but then there’s a clause: it can only be done in person at a Macy’s store. But promotional offers like sales and discounts do not cover the purchase of the gift cards. 

However, Macy’s gift cards can only be shipped within the United States and ship free via USPS and be redeemed at any Macy’s store or online at

But if the plan is to redeem your gift card in-store, you’ll have to present your gift card to a store colleague when you’re ready to check out. Macy’s gift cards cannot be shipped to Post Office Boxes. 

How to purchase Macy’s gift card online?

To purchase Macy’s gift card online, select “Apply Gift Cards” at Checkout. And after entering the characters needed, select the “Apply Gift Card” button and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

It might interest you to know that you can also return your gift card and the full price will be refunded, but this transaction is only doable in-store. 

So what happens if your card gets lost, you might want to ask? Well, you’ll have to provide proof of purchase and you will be issued a new card valued at the current recorded balance. See How to Turn Walmart Gift Card into Cash.

The opportunity to shop gift cards for friends and add a personalized message is made available to customers. 

To purchase a gift card you’d provide information such as your email address, mobile number, method of payment and delivery date.

And on the specified delivery date, the card will be sent to the location of your choice (physical or online) and you can start using it immediately.

How to Manage Macy’s Gift Card

Go to Macy’s e-gift cards online and follow these directions:

  • Select your favorite design
  • .Enter the dollar value you would like to give or choose from the pre-selected values shown
  • Enter the recipient’s email address 
  • Fill out the form with the name of your recipient, your name, and your gift message
  • Click the “Add To Bag” button

Note: Macy’s e-gift card purchases do not apply toward promotional offers.

Delivery information:

Macy’s e-gift cards are delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase. If your recipient hasn’t received your e-gift card within that time:

  • Verify that the email address was entered correctly 
  • Ask the recipient to check their junk mail/spam folder

If the email was not received, chat with us using the link located at the bottom of this page.

How to Redeem Macy’s Gift Card

Macy’s e-gift cards can be redeemed at any Macy’s store or online.
For in-store redemption:

  • Print out your unique e-gift card barcode by clicking GET BARCODE in your e-gift card email.
  • Present this barcode to a Store Colleague when you’re ready to check out.

For online desktop and mobile redemption:

  • Select “Apply Gift Cards” at Checkout
  • Enter the first 15 digits of the e-gift card number as it appears in your email into the Card Number field, then enter the remaining digits into the CID field
  • After entering the characters shown, select the “Apply Gift Card” button
  • Your order confirmation email will display the redeemed gift cards as “EGC” in the payment methods section

Note: If you have more than five gift cards to apply, chat with us using the link located at the bottom of this page for assistance.

How to Sell Macy’s Gift Card

The various gift card trading platforms in Nigeria have made selling gift cards a piece of cake. Over time, Nosh has proven to be the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria to trade gift cards. The steps outlined below will guide you to sell your Macy’s gift card on Nosh easily.

i. Visit the Nosh website or download the app and sign up for a new account. Creating an account will make it easy to sell or buy gift cards anytime. You will receive an email to confirm your email address. Log in with your details after

ii. Click on “Sell giftcards” on the dashboard. Select Macy’s gift card under the category in the drop-down.

iii. Choose the subcategory from the options which are USA Macy’s (100-500), USA Macy’s (50-99), and USA Macy’s E-code.

iv. Input the amount you want to sell. The naira equivalent will be calculated by the gift card rate calculator and displayed immediately.

v. Click the cart icon to upload the image of the gift card.

vi. Click on “Begin Trade” Your wallet will be credited immediately if the transaction is successful.

vii. You can withdraw your funds by navigating to the Wallet menu on the left-hand side. Click “Withdraw” and enter your bank details.

Do Macy’s gift cards expire?

Like most available gift cards, Macy’s gift cards have no expiration date. But once the gift card is exhausted you will have to purchase a new gift card using the above mentioned processes.

Can I Use Macy’s Gift Card to Buy Another Gift Card?

No, you cannot use a Macy’s gift card to pay for another gift card. International customers cannot purchase Macy’s gift cards. The gift card can’t be used as a means of payment for items meant to be shipped outside the States.

However, you can leverage Macy’s E-code to make various item purchases on the online store. You can choose not to reload or refund the gift card.

Whenever a purchase is made with your Macy’s digital card, the total cost in addition to sales tax and shipping fee will be deducted from the card’s monetary value.

Always make sure to keep your electronic Macy’s card details safe. You can request a replacement if it was stolen or lost. The current balance shown in their database will be loaded on the replaced gift card.

How Do I Check The Balance Of My Macy’s Gift Card?

Check your gift card on your phone

  • Call the Gift Card Customer Service Team at 1-800-511-2752 and have your card number and CID number ready to provide
  • Scan your Macy’s gift card at any price scanner for your balance. The security code must be scratched off before scanning. See any in-store Colleague for help.

Note: Please review Macy’s Gift Card Fraud Prevention before providing your gift card number or CID number to anyone you don’t know.

Check your gift card online 

  • Click click here to check your gift card balance online
  • Enter the 15-digit gift card number and 3- or 4-digit CID number (check under the scratch-off panel on back of card)
  • If you’re having trouble verifying the images in the security check or the security captcha is not accepted, clear your browsing history, cookies, and other site data before re-entering the security captcha
    • If there are more than 2 attempts to enter a gift card, it will be placed on a 24-48 hour security hold
  • Check your Corporate Gift Cards
  • For more information regarding corporate sales please click click here

I hope you have seen vital information in this article. In case of any other inquiries about Macy’s Gift Card, kindly make use of the comment section below.

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