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Are you looking for how to convert a Footlocker Gift card to cash? If yes, take every piece of information that I am going to share with you in this post very seriously.

Footlocker gift card is a prepaid card used as an alternative means of payment when shopping on Foot Locker and its appropriate subsidiaries. This article tells all you need to know about Foot Locker Gift cards. Foot Locker is an American retailer which specializes in sportswear and footwear.

These gift cards can be used as gifts for any occasion and are especially great for those who are into athletic sports like running, jumping, football, etc. See How to Convert eBay Gift Card to Cash.

There are two types or formats of footlocker gift cards.

  1. Physical cards, i.e. the regular plastic cards with the details imprinted on the front and back of the card.
  2. Digital (E-code) cards, i.e., the cards you receive via email. This type isn’t tangible as you cannot touch it, but they have the same function as a physical card.

Features of a Footlocker Gift Voucher

The following are features of a gift voucher from Foot Locker.

  • Physical cards have a 16-digit card number imprinted behind them. There’s also an 8-digit PIN code.
  • They come in denominations ranging from $10 to $250
  • There are no service fees
  • Some US states permit holders to cash the card, but the amount is limited.
  • Physical cards have their PINs sealed behind.

How To Sell Gift Cards

1. Search or scroll to find the gift card you wish to sell, tap on it, and select the currency of your card.

2. Select the type of card you own, either e-code or physical (meaning a picture of the card).

3. Click on tap to add value

4. You will see a list of predefined values. If your card value is not there, click on “TAP TO ADD OTHER VALUE,” where you can enter a custom value. In this case, the value of your card

5. Click on plus to indicate the number of images you will be uploading. For instance, if your card is 50 eBay 2 pieces, you will select or enter a custom amount of 50 and tap on the plus button twice,

6. Click on the plus image to attach a picture of the card. NOTE, the card image must be fully scratched to reveal the code, which is what’s important, i.e., the grey strip must be scratched off

7. Click on Sell

8. The card is processed, and when it is done, it is credited to your wallet. Tap on the wallet and request a withdrawal. However, before you can request a withdrawal, you have to enter your payment details.

9. Click on “Account,” which can be found on the sidebar menu. It leads to a tab that says “update payment details.”

10. You can withdraw the value of your gift card in any currency you want, including USD, Euros, Naira, and Cedis. Payment methods include bank transfer, mobile money, bitcoin, USDT, PayPal, Cash App, etc.

11. Payment is sent instantly once you request a withdrawal.

How to Sell Footlocker Gift Cards in Nigeria

Follow these simple steps:

i. Log on to CardVest or open the mobile app then complete the registration process by providing your email and other necessary details. Log in if you already have an account. You can download the Cardvest mobile app on Playstore if you don’t have it installed.

ii. Select the gift card you want to trade and input the value of the gift card. When it comes to Footlocker gift cards, you might be wondering how much the gift card is worth in Naira. The best way to calculate the value of a gift card in Naira is by using Cardvest gift card rate calculator.

iii. Provide your Footlocker gift card details to proceed. Fill in all the necessary details correctly.  Wait a few seconds for verification, and your payment will be in your preferred account immediately.

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to cash out your Footlocker gift card, Cardvest is your place!

How to check Footlocker gift card balance

Footlocker is a popular American retailer selling shoes, apparel and accessories. There is a lot of confusion surrounding how to check the balance of a Footlocker gift card.

However, it is easy and quick. The Footlocker gift card balance can be checked by visiting the company website or by calling the customer service team. To check your balance online, follow these simple steps:

1) Click on “Check Balance” (or “Check Gift Card Balance”) and enter the card number which you will find at the back of your Footlocker gift card.

2) Enter your PIN number, then click on “Check Balance.”

3) If your card number has been verified successfully, then you will see the balance of your Footlocker gift card. The Footlocker gift card can be applied to purchases made on, including footwear, apparel, and all other items in the Footlocker catalog. 

How to convert footlocker gift card to cash

There are numerous smart ways in which you can convert your Footlocker gift card to cash some of these ways are:

Retail arbitrage.

Since Footlocker is mostly about fashion the first thing you should consider is retail arbitrage with this you can make a cool profit using your gift card. How do you do this?

It’s very simple. Go to Footlocker and find beautiful sneakers or designer clothes and use the gift card to purchase them.

Then list this item on other marketplaces like eBay or Facebook marketplace hundreds of thousands make sales a day on these platforms you can decide to increase your price above what you paid so as to make more profit.. since it’s fashioned items it will quickly sell then you can receive your cash.

Sell your gift card on e-commerce website

You might not want to go through the process of arbitrage instead you had prefer to sell the gift card as a whole you can still do that on the platforms listed above. But keep it in mind that for the gift card to sell fast you will need to sell it slightly lower than the value.

Buy items for people and ask for repayment in cash

You might have someone who is interested in getting clothes, sneakers or anything from Footlocker, you could use your gift card to purchase it for them then they give you the cash they were supposed to use.

Findia gift card exchange kiosk

You have to look for a kiosk that will accept new or used footlocker gift cards in exchange for cash in a mall or a grocery store Selling the gift card

Find a website for selling and buying gift cards and sell your card there. Note that these websites:
Can potentially be scams, Are usually unreliable Don’t pay a full gift card value but only around 85–92%

I hope that you have seen helpful information in this article. In case of any other questions about how to convert Footlocker gift card to cash kindly make use of the comment section below.

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