How to Apply for HDFC Credit Card | HDFC Credit Card Application and Eligibility Criteria

Do you know how to apply for HDFC Credit Card? If your response to this question is no, just know that this article is specially prepared for you. A lot of persons have been trying to make an application for the HDFC Credit Card, but due lack of good knowledge of the procedure, they were unable to succeed. Continue reading detailed information.

HDFC Credit cards are a convenient way of making any purchases from shopping to purchasing your favourite gadget to buying that new AC for your home to booking your flights and hotel and more or settling exorbitant bills when you don’t have immediate funds at your disposal.

Almost everyone today has a bit of rectangular plastic in their wallets or purses. That’s the Credit Card and the Debit Card. A few years ago, hardly anyone had a Credit Card.

Today, nobody thinks twice about paying for their purchases with a card. It’s not uncommon for people to have several cards. It’s not hard to figure out why. See HDFC Credit Card Login App.

The Credit Card benefits are too great to ignore. Plus with more banks offering them: the process has become more straightforward, and there is a vast variety of options to suit every lifestyle and spending tendency.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will have seen the benefit of having the HDFC Credit card and how you can apply for one.

Benefits of HDFC Credit Card

The following are the major benefits of using HDFC credit card:

Convenience: Why carry wads of cash around when you can pay with a simple swipe of your card? A Credit Card is one of the simplest ways to pay for anything – no more counting out change or writing cheques, just present the plastic!

You can even link your card to your digital wallet, which allows you to scan and pay without even having to carry your card in your wallet. See How to Apply for Credit Card in the U.S.

Recurring payments: While Credit Cards are great for one-time payments, you can also set it up to automatically make recurring payments such as your phone, electricity or gas bills. No more will there be a chance of forgetting to pay bills on time and facing penalties or disconnection.

Recharges and tickets: One of the biggest Credit Card benefits over cash is the ability to pay for a wider range of online services.

For example, you can’t buy flight tickets or recharge your mobile phone with cash on delivery. You can easily pay for them through a Credit Card.

Interest-free credit: A Credit Card comes with a grace period between purchase and payment (could be up to 50 days) during which the bank does not charge any interest. This is a perfect example of buy now and pay later. 

Rewards: Every time you pay using an HDFC Bank Credit Card, you earn Rewards. You can redeem these rewards for exciting gifts and vouchers such as free shopping trips or even free flight tickets. 

CashBacks and discounts: From fuel surcharge waivers to great online shopping deals, your HDFC Bank Credit Card opens the doors to a host of CashBacks offers and Reward Points, especially with selected offline and online merchants. 

Travel in style: The HDFC Bank Credit Card makes your travel a more pleasant experience with free access to exclusive airport lounges, priority check-in and boarding, extra luggage allowance, etc. 

Expense tracker: Credit Card statements are a great way to track your expenses every month since it provides you with an itemised account of your expenditure.

Safer: One of the benefits of Credit Card in India is that it’s much safer than carrying large amounts of cash around. You don’t have to worry about dropping the money somewhere or having your pocket picked. If you lose the card, you can get a replacement after you notify your bank.

Credit score: Most people are not aware of this, but a Credit Card benefits your credit score. Organisations like CIBIL give credit scores to individuals depending on how prompt they have been in their payments.

Using a Credit Card and repaying on time provides a boost to your credit score. A good credit score means you will be able to obtain Loans and Credit Cards quickly in the future. It’s one of the Credit Card benefits cash or cheques cannot offer!

Types of HDFC Credit Cards:

HDFC credit cards are of different types. They are as follows:


Among the different kinds of credit cards is the regular card — like the HDFC Bank Platinum Plus Credit Card. It’s great as your first Credit Card.

It offers all the convenience and safety of a Credit Card and combines it with benefits like Reward Points and fuel surcharge waivers.

There are also three free add-on cards, which you can give to your spouse, adult children, parents, brothers or sisters. See HDFC NetBanking.


As your income and needs increase, you can upgrade to a premium card like the HDFC Bank Visa Signature Credit Card.

A premium card gives you higher credit limits, more magnificent Reward Points and more benefits. It also provides some lifestyle-related benefits such as free lounge access at airports. This is particularly useful if you are a frequent flyer and spend a lot of time in airports.

Super Premium

These are the top of the line cards that complement your lifestyle – for example, cards like HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card or HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card.

Benefits include exclusive lounge access, complimentary golf games, personal concierge, best-in-class rewards, and fine dining discounts. These cards come with high credit limits and are usually by invitation only.

Co-branded cards

Co-branded cards are great when you have a specific type of usage. For example, if you are a frequent traveller, a Jetprivilege HDFC Bank Signature Card can be a great companion on your travels.

You can get exclusive benefits like extra air miles, discounts on flights, dedicated check-in counters, extra baggage allowance and free lounge access. You can even redeem your miles for free flights.

Other co-branded cards include Maruti Suzuki NEXA HDFC Bank AllMiles (car-related privileges), Platinum Times Card (discounts on entertainment), and Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card (online benefits).

Commercial or business cards

If you want to use a card for business-related expenses, a commercial card is ideal. Achieve savings on your business travels and expenses and easily manage payments for your purchases.

For large companies, corporate cards offer additional benefits and tools such as 24×7 MIS, spend analysis and seamless accounting. Examples of HDFC Bank Business Credit Cards are Business MoneyBack and Corporate Platinum.

CashBack cards

Moneyback or CashBack Cards allow you to earn cash back on your everyday spending. These cash back are in the form of rewards which you can use to settle the outstanding amount on your Credit Card.

In addition to cash back, you also receive benefits such as shopping and dining discounts. Platinum Edge and MoneyBack are examples of cashback cards.

Across these different types of cards, some features are standard. These include smart bill payments, fuel surcharge waivers, interest-free credit, zero liability after reporting lost or stolen card and EMV chips for security.

Secured Cards

There are some basic requirements that you must fulfill to get a Credit Card, like reasonable income and a decent credit score.

Sometimes some people are unable to meet these requirements but would still need a Credit Card. There are some kinds of Credit Cards that are meant for this type of customer – one of them is a Secured Card. A Secured Card needs collateral, like a loan.

You can open a Fixed Deposit in the bank to get such a Secured Credit Card. The FD will then be used as collateral. You may not even have to offer income proof to get such a card.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Among the different Credit Cards is the Prepaid Card. This can come in handy in some situations. For example, if you want your child to have a card, but want to contain spending within a specific limit, you could give him/ her a prepaid Credit Card.

Companies can use these kinds of cards for their employees to meet everyday business expenses. Examples of this kind of card include MoneyPlus Dependent GPR Card, GPR Card, MoneyPlus Card and FoodPlus Card.

As we can see, there are different kinds of Credit Cards to meet all sorts of needs. You might want to get one that suits your specific requirements

How to Get HDFC Credit Card

It takes the following steps to get HDFC Credit Card:

Step 1: Choose your Credit Card

Each bank offers dozens of Credit Card options. The card you choose will depend on your expected usage and requirements, and the benefits you want– for example, some Credit Cards are great for travellers, some are designed for entertainment, others may be great for business. 

To know which card is right for you, visit the HDFC Bank Credit Card section. 

Once you have selected the right card for yourself, check with the bank about your eligibility for the card and the documents you must submit with your Credit Card application. 

Step 2: Apply for your card

Get all your documents ready – a bank will usually ask for identity, address and income proofs. If you are an existing customer that may not be necessary. Apply online or at an ATM or visit your nearest branch with the required documents. 

Most cards come with an annual fee that is typically waived off when you achieve a certain limit of spending in a year. The annual fee will be included in your monthly statement. 

Step 3: Activate your card 

After your Credit Card application is approved, it is dispatched to your communication address. You will need to sign for it at the time of delivery and show some identity proof. 

A PIN (personal identity number) is usually couriered to you separately, whereas the Green PIN is sent on your registered mobile number. You will need the PIN to authenticate any transaction you do on your Credit Card. 

Once you get your Credit Card and the PIN in your hands, head to the nearest ATM of your bank to change the PIN. 

Congratulations! You now have a new Credit Card, and you’re ready for your first purchase. Happy shopping! 

In case of any other inquiries about how to apply for an HDFC credit card, kindly use the comment section below this article.

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