How to Apply for ICICI Credit Card | Eligibility Criteria and Online Application Process

Do you want to see how to apply for an ICICI card? If yes, ensure you read this article carefully to the end. A Credit Card is a financial instrument that allows you to avail of credit on all your financial transactions.

In simple terms, a Credit Card is a debt instrument that allows you to buy things now and pay for them later. All Credit Cards come with a specific credit limit, which is set by the issuer based on your credit score and your eligibility criteria.

ICICI Bank offers its customers a variety of Credit Card options to choose from. Each of these cards has its own unique features and benefits to help customers make informed decisions before picking the one that will meet all their needs in the long run.

In this article, I am going to provide you with special tips on how you can apply for ICICI Credit Card and other vital information that you may need for the application. See How to Apply for HDFC Credit Card

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Credit Card eligibility criteria

  • The applicant should either be an Indian citizen or a Non-Resident Indian (NRI).
  • The minimum age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years.
  • The applicant should have a consistent source of income and satisfy minimum income requirements.
  • The applicant should have a strong credit score.
  • Things to keep in mind before applying for a Credit Card online

Before you go ahead and apply for a Credit Card online, there are certain things that you should consider. Some of them are briefly explained below.

Check for offers

Since nearly all banks offer Credit Cards these days, it’s a good idea to check for the various offers they provide. Some banks offer you Credit Cards that are pre-approved from their end.

The chances of your application being approved are higher with pre-approved Credit Cards. If you take the time to browse through and evaluate the various offers available, you can get a good deal that may even include a lifetime free membership.

Compare Credit Cards

Credit requirements may be very different from one consumer to another. Therefore, you have to find the Credit Card that’s right for you and satisfies your needs.

The best way to do this is to compare the various cards that you’re eligible for. This not only ensures that you get a Credit Card that’s in line with your requirements, but it also guarantees that you don’t end up paying for privileges that you have no use for.

Gather all documents and information

This is an important step that most people miss when applying for a Credit Card. It is a good idea to have all of the relevant documents and information on hand before filling out your application.

This will not only accelerate the process but also prevent you from making any mistakes that can lead to a rejection.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

Going over the terms and conditions of a Credit Card is another major step that many applicants fail to do. Reading and understanding the terms are of utmost importance since that enables you to get to know more about the Credit Card and the conditions attached to its usage.

Right from the charges to the limitations and restrictions, the terms and conditions shed light on them all.

How to apply for a Credit Card line online?

While the procedure to apply may vary slightly across various major Credit Card companies, the core process is more or less the same. The following steps will give you a general idea of how to apply for a Credit Card online.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the website of your preferred bank or Credit Card provider and click on the link that takes you to the Credit Cards section.
  • Once you’re there, you can take a look at the various Credit Cards on offer, their features, their terms and conditions, and their charges.
  • After you’ve chosen the right Credit Card for you, click on the link that allows you to fill out an application form online.
  • The website will redirect you to an online application form, where you’ll have to fill out all the necessary details and provide soft copies of all the relevant documents.
  • Double check your application form before submitting it to ensure there are no mistakes or empty fields. Once that’s done, click on submit and wait for the bank to process your application.

ICICI Bank offers you an easy way to apply for Credit Cards online, through a web portal that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.

You have a range of options to choose from, including NRI Credit Cards, Amazon Pay Cards, travel and fuel Credit Cards, and secured cards, among others.

Visit ICICI Bank’s online portal now to check the different Credit Cards on offer and apply online for the card that best suits your financial needs.

How to use ICICI Credit Card smartly

The following are some tips on how to use ICICI credit card smartly:

Get a higher credit limit

The maximum credit limit sanctioned to the Credit Card users differs from user to user based on their eligibility criteria, and the credit score.

When you apply for an online Credit Card, ask the issuer for the highest possible credit limit. Apart from increasing your purchase limit, the higher credit limit will also improve your credit score.

Understand the rewards

Most Credit Cards in India come loaded with a host of reward programmes and offers on a certain type of spending. Some high-end cards provide free access to the airport lounges, while others provide additional reward points on purchasing grocery or fuel recharge.

Do your research well about the reward point system and use the card strategically, so that you get the best out of the rewards and benefits.

Pay your dues diligently

Credit Card companies impose high-interest rates and penalty fees on outstanding dues and late repayments.

So, to avoid paying those heavy interest and penalties, make sure that you pay out dues on time. This will also improve your credit ratings.

Don’t use a Credit Card to withdraw cash at an ATM

You can use the Credit Card to withdraw cash from the ATM. However, it is advisable that you avoid using this facility unless it is an emergency. ATM withdrawal attracts heavy Credit Card interest rates.

Don’t just pay the minimum amount payable

A lot of people have this wrong notion about Credit Card payment that paying the minimum amount is enough.

However, the Credit Card issuers charge a hefty interest on the balance amount. So, to avoid paying those charges, you must try to pay the dues in full every month.

Check your statement carefully

Apart from paying your bills on time, make sure that you scrutinize your monthly statement and understand what charges are levied in your bill.

Also, look if there is any suspicious transaction. This could be because of Credit Card fraud. Never share your Credit Card details with anyone.

Use your card only at trusted stores

If you use your Credit Card for online purchases or buy things from a local store, make sure that the retailer is a trusted one. This will minimize the risk of your Credit Card identity theft.

Now, that you know how to use Credit Card smartly, you can apply for a Credit Card online and make the most of it.

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