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Do you know how to check your eBay gift card balance? If you don’t know and you are really interested in knowing how it works, just follow this article.

eBay gift cards are issued by eBay to enable users to buy various items on the eBay store. eBay is a behemoth online marketplace where you can buy a wide range of products like electronics, fashion items, car and auto parts, etc eBay gift cards have a 13-digit number you must enter to redeem your gift card.

Different payment options, including the eBay gift card, are available to check out your purchases on the eBay store. Similar to the stored value of other types of gift cards, eBay gift cards are available in denominations that range from $10 to $500.

Therefore, you can simply use the gift card to buy items whose price falls within the value of your eBay gift card. See How to Apply for ICICI Credit Card.

In this article, I am going to be sharing vital information about eBay gift cards and how you check your balance if you have ever had eBay gift card and you are still in doubt about whether have some in your wallet or not.

Are you really interested in getting the detailed information in this post all you have to do is to ensure you read carefully to the end.

Uses of eBay Gift Card

There is a lot that you can do with eBay Gift Card. Some of those uses include the following:

1. Buy Any Product On eBay

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, and you can buy anything you desire there. Your eBay gift card gives you unlimited access to buying different kinds of products on eBay without limitations.

As a company domiciled in the United States, you may not be able to use your local debit or credit cards to make purchases on the eBay store, but eBay gift cards allow you to make payments quickly when you redeem eBay gift cards on the store.

2. Give To Loved Ones As A Gift

Do you want to give a gift that would “wow” the hearts of your friends or family members on their special day? eBay gift cards are the real deal to give your recipients that overwhelming joy. Why? Your loved ones can shop for anything on the eBay store and get discounts.

Imagine giving your partner a $100 eBay gift card for shopping. You can be assured of a satisfactory mood that would make you take pride in your gesture.

3. Resell eBay Gift Cards For Cash

Gift cards have a stored value that makes them digital assets of great worth. Because of this realization, you may decide to buy an eBay gift card to keep to sell at a later time.

This is likened to how some people buy jewelry or land property as an investment with the move to sell them in the future.

Therefore, you can sell eBay gift cards for cash anytime you want to make money from your gift card. It may even be that your loved one gave you the gift card as a gift, but instead of redeeming it on the eBay store, you decide to all the gift cards.

Types Of eBay Gift Cards

There are three (3) types of eBay gift cards, with nuances of features related to each of these types.

1. Physical eBay Gift Cards

This type of eBay gift card exists in physical form (plastic or paper). You can buy a physical eBay gift card from online stores or stores selling gift cards.

But you must know that you must activate your physical eBay gift card immediately after purchase to enable you to redeem the eBay gift card.

2. Digital eBay Gift Cards

This is the digital type of eBay gift that you receive via email. You can also buy your digital eBay gift card from online and physical stores. You do not need to activate the digital eBay gift card as it has been activated before you receive it electronically.

3. Third Party Gift Cards

These are gift cards that can work on the eBay store to make purchases as an alternative to using eBay gift cards. But you should know that eBay has limited the use of third-party gift cards on its website.

Where To Buy eBay Gift Cards

If you want to buy eBay gift cards, there are different outlets to buy gift cards.

1. eBay Website

eBay is the issuer of eBay gift cards and regulates their use. As such, you can go to the eBay website to buy your eBay gift card because people find it the safest place to buy eBay gift cards. You can be assured of not getting scammed when you buy from the website.

2. Retail Stores

There are physical retail stores that sell different types of gift cards. At this place, you can buy your eBay gift card. These stores can be supermarkets or bookstores that have gift cards available for sale. You can just locate one closest to you to buy your gift card.

3. Online Gift Card Retailers

There are numerous gift card trading platforms on the internet from where you can buy your eBay gift cards. They are available everywhere, and you must consider which of them you should visit.

Different Ways To Check eBay Gift Card Balance.

It is pretty straightforward to check an eBay gift card balance. There are basically two ways: via the eBay website and customer support. Let’s check out the steps involved.

  • Checking The Balance Through The eBay Website
  • Visit the eBay gift card balance checker page.
  • Sign up for a new account if that’s your first time. As a returning user, log in with your details.
  • Input the 13-digit code on your eBay gift card.
  • Click on the blue “Check balance” button.

Checking The Balance Through the eBay Customer Service

Another effective way to check your eBay gift card balance is to contact the customer support team. Place a call to 1-866-961-9253 to speak to a customer representative. The person on duty will help you check the eBay gift card balance.

Limitations On eBay Gift Card

As awesome as eBay gift cards are, there are certain things you won’t be able to do with them. Let’s check them out:

  • You can’t use eBay gift cards can’t be used to buy other gift cards.
  • You can only redeem a maximum of $1000 daily and $1500 monthly with an eBay gift card.
  • Once an eBay gift card is used, it will be linked to your account and can’t be used on another.
  • You can combine about 4 eBay gift cards to make a single payment.

I believe you have seen vital information in this article. In case of any other questions about How to Check eBay Gift Cards, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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