How to Check Sephora Gift Card Balance

Some people have Sephora gift cards in their accounts but are still finding it difficult to check their balance after use. In case you belong to this category of persons, I am here with this article to guide you carefully on how to Check Sephora Gift Card Balance.

In the world of beauty products such as makeup, cosmetics, fragrance, and body care, Sephora has been a household name. It is largely known for being a French chain of cosmetics stores founded decades ago.

If you’re an avid beauty shopper, then you definitely aren’t new to Sephora gift cards, and since it’s also one of the gift cards with the highest rates, before you sell Sephora gift card, you might want to check how much you have left on your card.

Sephora gift card is one of the innovative ways the company is improving the shopping experience of its users and you can buy them online or in physical stores like BestBuy. See How to Check Nordstrom Gift Card Balance.

The interesting thing about the Sephora gift card in Nigeria is that it’s one of the top gift cards with high rates. When you sell a Sephora gift card in Nigeria, you are getting one of the highest returns. 

As a Sephora shopper looking to confirm your gift card balance, this article has everything you need. Check out these 3 proven methods below.

3 Ways To Check Sephora Gift Card Balance – Online & Offline

There are 3 major ways that you can use in checking your Sephora Gift Card Balance. In this section, I will be going in detail to show how each of those methods works. They include the following:

Method 1 – How You Can Check Your Sephora Gift Card Balance Online

In order to check your Sephora Gift Card balance online just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official Sephora website
  2. Click the option that says “Check Gift Card Balance”
  3. You’ll be required to enter your 16-Digit gift card number in the blank field provided, as well as your 8-Digit PIN.

Once you’ve entered your gift card number & PIN code just click on the “Check” button as shown in the screenshot below.

You will receive a prompt that shows the balance on the card.

Method 2 – How To Check Sephora Gift Card Balance In Store

You can also check how much you have left on your Sephora gift card by visiting the store and asking the cashier to provide you with information regarding your gift card.

They will require the serial number of the gift card to be able to check the balance on it. The steps involved include the following:

  1. Locate the nearest Sephora store.
  2. Go along with your physical gift card or the serial number on your gift card.
  3. Let the store attendant know you want to check your balance.
  4. After the attendant runs a check, they should be able to tell you your balance. 

This is a more stressful method compared to the first one.

Method 3 – How To Check Sephora Gift Card Balance Over Phone

1. Dial 1-860-640-7897.

2. Follow the given instructions.

3. Follow the prompt for gift card balance inquiry.

A customer support representative will then provide you with information regarding your Sephora gift card balance.

Where Can You Activate A Sephora Gift Card?

You can activate your Sephora gift card online in a physical Sephora store by asking the attendant to credit it with any amount of your choice which should be between $5 to $500.

In addition, you can redeem your gift items in the payment section of the checkout page. To do this, enter your 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit pin.

For physical cards, use a coin to scratch off the foil at the bag of your plastic card to reveal your 8-digit pin. Input the details in the text field, and click Save & Continue.

Sephora Gift Card Instructions & Restrictions

  1. Sephora gift card is only valid within 3 years of its purchase and activation and it is only valid in the country in which it was purchased. 
  2. All outstanding balances on the Gift Card will remain on the card and will be reflected in the receipt from the last purchase.
  3. It is neither replaceable nor refundable.
  4. The e-Gift Cards and eGift Certificates can only be used on the official website or on the mobile app and they can only be used for making online purchases only in the U.S.A
  5. Sephora plastic cards can be used at any Sephora store located in the United States and Canada.

That’s all concerning how to check Sephora gift card balance. At the moment, these are the only 3 methods possible, and I believe one of these methods should be convenient enough for you.

In case you have any other questions, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

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