American Express Gift Cards | How To Use American Express Gift Card Online

American Express Gift Card is one of the most popular gift cards that are used in the United States of America for payment of bills and shopping purposes. It is also used in some other countries around the world.

American Express Gift Card is also known as an AMEX gift card. It has a special feature that makes it to be acceptable in various shopping centers and settlement of bills.

American Express deals in various card and non-card products. They also offer an array of financial services within the United States.

AMEX is one of the very few financial service companies that gave rise to the surge of credit card facilities in America around the late 70s. See Amazon Gift Card Online.

Their alliance with Warner Communications in 1979 called for the establishment of Warner-Amex satellite entertainment, which are the creators of Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, and MTV.

Before the advent of gift cards, Amex introduced a card in 1994 called the Optima True Grace card. The card offered purchasers the grace to spend money that was not present on the card balance at the time of purchase. It was one of the very new dawns for Credit cards in America.

It lasted for a while till the American Express card came into play with a similar but advanced feature compared to the Optima True Grace card.

One of their very recent card services includes the issuance of gift cards. Their gift cards are in two major variants. See How to Convert American Express Gift Card to Cash.

They have personal gift cards and business gift cards. They pretty much do the same things; they only differ in their capacity of functionality and purpose of purchase.

What are gift cards?

Gift cards are a form of financial cards created to store value and enhance easy gift giving. Retail stores and some financial service providers usually issue gift cards.

Gift cards do not carry specific names, nor are they attached to particular bank accounts like regular prepaid cards. This feature is where its gift-giving ability sits.

Organizations make gift cards in various denominations to aid their easy purchase for personal purposes or gifting. Some retail stores give their customers the option to customize their gift card to suit the season or occasion and make it a perfect gift.

American Express happens to be one of the most prominent issuers of gift cards in the US. Other organizations offering issuance of gift cards as well include Amazon, Xbox, Walmart, Visa, iTunes, Steam, Google Play, eBay, and Sephora, to mention a few.

Types of American Express (AMEX) gift cards

The two major types of American Express Gift Card are the following:

  1. Personal gift cards: This category of Amex gift cards are meant for individual purchase. You could either use it for yourself or gift it to your friends and loved ones to purchase their favorite stuff at accepted stores. They are best for orders below five cards. AMEX permits customer’s preference regarding the design and amount of their gift cards. Their denominations range between $25 – $3,000.
  2. Business gift cards: This design is a variant meant for businesses to order large quantities of gift cards. It helps reward employees on special occasions, and they range in the same denomination as the personal gift cards.

It is a good way for organizations to celebrate and appreciate their employees. Business gift card orders are pegged below $100,000, purchase and shipping fees inclusive.

For customer convenience and safety, orders above $100,000 must go through The American Express Bulk service. Call 1-844-228-5368 to place such orders.

Benefits of American Express Gift Card

1. They are widely accepted: Amex gift cards can be used to pay for items practically everywhere nowadays because they are one of the most accepted means of payment. This gift card brings a different feel because you are not “stuck” to a designated store or brand.

2. Your Credit doesn’t expire: Although the AMEX gift card has a Nine-year life span, the balance on your gift card is timeless.

Meaning even after the ninth year, if you still have some money left on your gift card, you can request to replace your expired account number and add the funds to your new card. 

3. No extra fees: Unlike your regular debit cards with maintenance costs and so on, AMEX gift cards have zero charges or fees to redeem. Once purchased, you can enjoy your digital asset without worrying about another cost. 

4. Bulk purchases: Amex gift cards can be made for large purchases. You can purchase as much as $100, 000 personal gift cards and even more than that for business gift cards.

5. They can be replaced: Provided your card details are safe somewhere, you can always get a replaced Amex card in case it was stolen or misplaced.

How To Buy Amex Gift Cards

The steps below will guide you on how to buy Amex gift cards on NOSH:

  1. Click on “Buy Gift Cards”
  2. Search the country of your gift card and select.
  3. Select your gift card name.
  4. Choose the amount you want to buy.
  5. Specify the quantity of the cards.
  6. The amount you need to pay in naira will be displayed below.
  7. Click on the “Proceed” button.

What Are The Uses Of AMEX Gift Cards?

Gift cards are generally used to buy items from stores or pay for services. One thing the gift card can’t do is withdraw cash from ATMs.

As stated earlier, open-loop gift cards offer an advantage in the form of letting users shop from stores that accept them. So, since the AMEX gift card is an open-loop card, what are its uses?


You can use an American Express gift card to shop online or offline. This is the obvious answer when anyone asks what an American Express gift card is used for.

You can shop across different stores both online and physically. Payment is quite easy with this card as it is widely recognized and accepted. All you need do is pick the items you want and redeem your gift card to make payment.

I hope you have found this article useful. In case of any other questions about the American Express Gift Card, kindly make use of the comment section below.

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