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Gift giving in Australia is one of the ways of expressing love and care to others. One may choose to spice up an event for other people and would prefer to get them a gift. A gift to be given to someone in Australia is dependent on the type of event or what is being celebrated.

Also, when considering sharing gifts, it is important to consider the personality who will be receiving the gift.

There are many options for gift giving in Australia, ranging from buying gift items from a gift shop to purchasing of gift cards. See Best Gift Card in Canada.

However, for a memorable gift project within the country, it is highly recommended to select the Best Gift Card in Australia.

Have you been considering a gift card to use for your gift project in Australia? If yes, then you have to be excited that you have come across this article here.

In this article, I am going to be giving every detail that you may have been looking for about the Best Gift Card in Australia. To maximize the benefits of the information contained in this article, ensure you read it till the end.

Top 7 Most Popular Gift Card Types in Australia

Based on usage and demand, here are the top seven gift cards in Australia: Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Netflix, Steam, Uber, and Visa Gift cards.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Hands down, Amazon gift cards are one of the most versatile and well-received gift cards for folks in Australia. On the Amazon site, people can find pretty much anything – electronics, kitchen appliances, books, toys, clothing, everyday essentials, and more.

The awesome thing about Amazon gift cards is they let the recipient choose something they’ll genuinely want or need rather than just getting some random gift. I mean, who doesn’t love picking out their own stuff? See Amazon Gift Card.

You can get digital Amazon gift cards in any amount from $5 to $500 and send them by email for instant delivery. They also sell physical Amazon cards from $25 up to $500 at supermarkets, newsagents, and electronics shops across Australia.

2. Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Cards

App Store & iTunes gift cards are perfect for treating Apple device users. With these, Apple fans can unlock the full potential of their iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products.

The gift card credit allows them to access millions of apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud storage upgrades, and more from the Apple ecosystem. It lets them get the most value out of any Apple gadget. See How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance.

You can grab an Australian App Store & iTunes gift cards in both digital and physical forms. Digital gift cards in any denomination can be sent for instant delivery. Physical gift cards typically range from $10 to $200 and are available at major Aussie retailers.

3. Google Play Gift Cards

Similarly, Google Play gift cards are the top choice for Android users since they provide prepaid credit to unlock everything Google Play has to offer.

Anyone with an Android smartphone or tablet can redeem Google Play credit for apps, games, movies & shows, books, subscriptions, and any in-app purchases or premium content. See How to Check Google Play Gift Card Balance.

It lets Android users fully tap into Google’s ecosystem on their devices. You can conveniently grab new or used Google Play cards in Australia in amounts ranging from $15 all the way up to $500.

4. Netflix Gift Cards

In the era of endless at-home streaming, Netflix gift cards are always appreciated. They make it easy to give the gift of Netflix access.

The cards come preloaded with dollar amounts that provide Netflix credits. Recipients can simply redeem the value towards any Netflix monthly subscription plan.

This gives them unlimited access to stream Netflix’s entire catalog of original shows, movies, documentaries, comedy specials, and more. And with no ads!

You can buy digital Netflix gift cards for instant delivery online. Or pick up physical plastic gift cards at supermarkets, convenience and electronics stores, and many other retailers. 

5. Steam Gift Cards 

For PC gaming enthusiasts, Steam gift cards are excellent for providing credits to spend on Steam’s massive online game marketplace. With thousands of popular game titles across genres, Steam is a gamer’s paradise.

Steam gift cards let them shop for new releases, take advantage of discounts and seasonal sales events, and score savings on individual game purchases. See How to Check Steam Gift Card Balance.

Physical Steam gift cards are commonly available at electronics retailers across Australia. The most popular denominations are $20, $30, $50, and $100 – so amounts tailored for casual to serious gamers. No need to stress if you don’t know their wishlist, Steam credit lets them decide.

6. Uber Gift Cards

With Uber’s popularity continuing to grow, Uber gift cards make practical gift options for rides and Uber Eats delivery. You can add any amount to Uber gift cards, which provides the recipient Uber Cash to use on the Uber platforms.

This prepaid credit covers the cost of Uber rides, Uber Eats orders, and more without needing cash or credit cards.

Uber gift cards are issued digitally, so you can conveniently email them for instant delivery no matter where you are. The Uber Cash doesn’t expire, and the cards work anywhere Uber operates across Australia.

7. Visa Gift Cards

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with gifting a Visa gift card. They work anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – both online and in stores. 

Recipients can use Visa gift cards to shop for any brand, book hotels or flights, pay bills and utilities, and more. The prepaid credit allows them to purchase almost anything. See How to Check Visa Gift Cards Balance.

So Visa gift cards offer maximum flexibility and convenience. Shop at any retailer, grab groceries, pay the phone bill, book a vacation – the options are endless, which makes them universally useful.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Australia

  1. Supermarkets: Supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi are popular destinations to buy gift cards in Australia. These supermarkets offer a wide variety of gift cards from different retailers and brands, allowing shoppers to conveniently purchase them while doing their regular grocery shopping.
  2. Department Stores: Department stores like Myer and David Jones are known for their extensive range of products, and they also offer a selection of gift cards.
  3. Online Retailers: Online retailers like Amazon and eBay have become popular platforms for buying gift cards in Australia. These online marketplaces offer a wide selection of gift cards from various retailers, brands, and categories.
  4. Specialty Stores: Specialty stores dedicated to gift cards, such as GiftCardStore, provide a dedicated shopping experience for gift cards.

List of Gift Card Stores in Australia

Here is a list of popular gift card stores in Australia ;

  1. Rundle Mall
  2. DFO South Wharf
  3. Cavill Mall
  4. Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
  5. Chadstone – The Fashion Capital
  6. Westfield Sydney
  7. Emporium Melbourne
  8. Harbour Town Premium Outlets
  9. Chatswood Chase Sydney
  10. Australia Fair Shopping Centre

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